Writing a Resumix Resume That Gets Noticed

There are a growing number of federal jobs that require a Resumix resume to be written. The ultimate goal of using this resume format is so that the government can save time, money, and resources in identifying the best possible candidates for each position. This means that in order to get the job you want, writing a Resumix resume that gets noticed is critical. Here are a few tips that will make it much more likely that your resume get sent to the top of the pile.

1. Matching the Position Requirements

The most important aspect of writing a Resumix resume that gets noticed is simply getting past the screening stage. In order to weed out unqualified candidates, every government branch which utilizes this resume format also utilizes a method of electronic scanning. If the keywords that you use in your resume do not match up with the keywords selected for the position requirements, then your resume will never get past the electronic scanning stage. Inherently, if this happens your resume will never get noticed because no real person will actually see it.

2. Lay It All Out

If this is your first Resumix resume writing experience, then you may not realize that you need to lay it all out within the body of the resume. Private sector resumes allow you to imply previous experiences and qualifications without explicitly stating them. Since the federal resume relies heavily on particular keywords and previous experiences, you need to make sure that everything pertinent is included in your resume. In short, you need to add as many details as possible.

3. Taylor Each Resumix Resume

Another important thing to do when writing a Resumix resume the gets noticed is to customize it to your target job opportunity. In general, the federal government uses the Resumix resume format to achieve three goals. It wants to match your skills to the position requirements, identify your KSA’s (knowledge, skills, and abilities), and match your skills against the position skills. If you do not customize each resume for each job opening you apply for, then it will be nearly impossible for your resume to get past the electronic scanning phase.

4. Keep an Eye on the Details

The final way to make sure that you are writing a Resumix resume that gets noticed is to simply keep an eye out for the details. The first D tell that you should double check is the overall structure of your resume. In most cases, there will be a specific character count that you will need to adhere to. Depending on what area of the government you are focusing on, you may need to add additional KSA essays whereas others want you to add this information within the text of your initial resume. As with all resumes, the value of proofreading can never be undersold.

Crafting a resume for a federal government job can seem like a complicated and daunting task. The truth is that writing a Resumix resume that gets noticed is simply a matter of understanding how to integrate keywords effectively, adding enough detail, and following the proper format. Simply following the “rules” of a Resumix resume can be enough to get you noticed.

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