Why Some Political Followers Seem Not To Care When They’re Lied To: 5 Reasons

Have you ever wondered why, it seems, so many citizens, who support a specific politician and/ or elected official, continue to loyally follow that individual, regardless of how often, he disappoints them, lies to them, or fails to address and/ or realistically address, their needs, concerns, etc, with viable solutions, and/ or plans? The current American President, Donald J. Trump, who, almost certainly has been the most polarizing politician, in recent times, has consistently lied to the American public, and rather than excusing his behavior, or avoiding future lies, has ended up doubling – down, and proclaiming he is telling the truth. While Mr. Trump has the lowest popularity numbers, and the highest negative numbers, of any President, at this stage of holding office, his polling numbers, among his core followers, has remained mostly steady, and strong. His strongest supporters appear to either, not care, or buy – into, the lies, half – truths, etc, either because they want to, they’ve come to accept Fake News, or they are absorbed with the vitriol, rhetoric, empty promises, or, perhaps, personal agenda and perceived, self – interest. Let’s briefly examine 5 possible reasons for this behavior and mindset.

1. It agrees with what they want: Many individuals prefer to focus on their desire to blame and complain, than to listen to realities and/ or the facts! Wishing for something, and making yourself believe, ends up, with these individuals, wanting to accept lies and distortions!

2. Willing to overlook things, when it serves their personal agenda: An examination, for example, of the President’s core supporters, indicates, he attracts certain types of individuals or groups, more than others. Those sharing his views about, for example, blaming immigrants for lack of jobs and/ or terrorism; blaming certain minorities, as a justification to why they might not be as successful as possible; hoping that certain industries will be reincarnated, although most experts state these industries are not relevant and/ or sustainable, into the future; denying climate change, and blaming it for job loss, etc.

3. Hatred, bigotry, and/ or bias: Perhaps no other politician has ever been able to use vitriol and rhetoric, to inspire potential followers, to support him, because of their inner hatred, bigotry, bias, etc, than our current President. He realizes it’s often easier to blame others, and complain, than to offer realistic, viable solutions, and quality plans!

4. Don’t check: Many voters are somewhat apathetic, and thus, if they hear something often – enough, and it conforms with what they want, don’t bother to check on the truth, and merely are influenced by the rhetoric and claims!

5. Believe the Fake News: While President Trump has been very successful on blaming (and/ or stating) anything or anyone, who disagrees with him, is fake news, and claiming there is a conspiracy against him by the phony media, no one has ever relied more heavily upon, or gotten his so – called facts, from the Fake News! With the primary news source of so many people, being, Social Media, it is easy to understand, how easily, false claims can be made, and people will believe, these things to be facts!

While citizens need and deserve the truth, to be able to best analyze and understand facts and reality, we are presently in a political era, where, far too many, seem to be asleep at the wheel, and continue to believe politicians and elected officials, even when these people constantly lie! What might you do, to become a more knowledgable, responsible, citizen and voter?