Why Is CTET Important?

The CTET, one of the newly created tests has gained a fast paced importance. It has become a mandatory test for teachers in India in order to provide quality education for the younger generation. Upon the realization for the need of high quality education for the children, the CTET was brought to light. The test was implemented for the betterment of children in introduction of educational schemes. There had been a decision to promote an overall change in the selection of teachers for the Central Government Teacher post. This step has helped to improve the overall educational system as only with highly qualified teachers it’s possible to provide a standardized education.

The CTET (Central Teacher Eligibility Test) consists of multiple choice of questions on various subject papers. While the CTET”s are conducted by the central, which facilitates jobs in the central schools and other state or privately run schools, all schools consider CTET marks when hiring a teacher as it’s a standard selection test. This test helps the teachers to sharpen their skills and attempt to gain the best score and a better job. The test has no number of limits for attempts as a lot of people do it again to get a better score. The test checks the eligibility of the teacher whether the teacher is qualified for the particular job. The CTET is conducted once a year. The tests ensure that the teacher has the ability to tackle the challenges faced in the classroom. The aim includes fine tuning and improving the performance of the teachers attending this test. To help teachers prepare for this exam, a number of online courses and online test platforms have sprung up to ensure, they perform the test at their fullest potential. They provide mock tests and exams to train the teachers for this exam. Regular coaching from experienced staff and test workouts, sharpen the skills and broaden their thoughts. The availability of numerous question papers to try out is also an added advantage.

The government has serious concerns involving the betterment of the institution and the student. The CTET acts as a filter to remove out all those less passionate people who have no real heart for the job while giving the chance to others who are sincere and love the profession. The hurdles in education can finally be removed and every child gets the opportunity to receive the best education

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