Why Chinese Government Give Importance to Learning the English Language

China is one of the fastest growing countries in the world. The booming ESL market is obsessed with the English language, and a developing economy, Beijing’s new generation is acquiring the English language at a fast pace. In this case, native English speakers are training school student all the way through English degrees. China’s English teaching jobs have skyrocketed in the past decade and continue to grow exponentially.

Government is emphasizing on Teaching English in China due to continuous regulation of ESL market. Schools are offering high paying jobs according to experience and qualification of the candidate. Free housing, worry-free contracts, high wages and free health insurance are some of the highlights of working as English trainer in China.

Let’s see some important reasons why Chinese government is giving much importance to the English language:

1. A Perpetually Expanded Market:

Many economists revealed that China is the fastest growing market for English language study, almost 50% of language books are bought by Chinese government worldwide. Teaching English in China is increasing at a fast pace because proper training is provided to small families, small town schools and poor people.

Many studies revealed that around 100,000 English tutors are presently needed in Chinese cities and this number will increase in future. To give a good shape to country, reputed schools are tempting experienced teachers with high wages and other lifestyle benefits. In last decade, thousands of English teachers have migrated to China to earn reputed jobs.

2. Students are getting younger:

English learning students are getting younger by the year. Reputed companies are hiring them to cater the needs of public. Private schools have switched to English language training at the age of six. Earlier, ESL schools were started to teach the English language to adults, in the few last years, the demand has modified who are eager to set up their home income on language classes.

3. Increase in SAT, College Counseling and TOEFL:

With time, more and more students are settling in foreign countries for higher studies, keeping this complication in mind Chinese government is looking for experienced native English speakers for admission consultants and college counselor jobs.

4. The slow economy has increased English demand:

One might assume that Shanghai’s deteriorating economy might reduce the demand for English courses; however, its opposite has proven to be truth. Fluency in the English language holds an important place in finding jobs in a country like China where economy is growing slow. Reputed language institutions are emphasizing on training of conduction of meetings in the English language.

5. Technology is altering the ESL Landscape:

In the recent years, technology has become an essential part of the English learning career in Shanghai. Modern countries like Beijing and Tianjin have installed interactive signboards in English classrooms and schools. This advancement in International language has left an overwhelming impact on Tianjin’s ESL environment.

6. Competitive Jobs:

In this past decade, China has become very popular in hiring consultants, designers, managers and architects. All these factors are increasing native English teacher demand in well-developing country like Beijing.

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