Who Benefits From A Government Shutdown?

From time, to time, we have witnessed, either the threat of, or an actual, government shutdown. While it is doubtful, anyone benefits, nor is much accomplished, from a positive perspective, there continue to be these types of political confrontations. Rather than saving the government, any money, because, supposedly, certain expenses/ bills, are not paid, during these intervals, history has demonstrated, our country’s economy, and structure, suffers, and few benefit! However, we have seen, this, over – and – over. again, in the past two years, and there have been short – term solutions, or budgets, which only address, continuation, rather than seeking relevant, viably, sustainable solutions, for the nation’s best – interests. Once again, we have reached one of these intervals, where the President appears to be daring the Congress, to, either agree to his proposals and priorities, or bring – on, a shutdown. How could this possibly do any good, but, it will definitely have annoying, disruptive ramifications? With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly consider, review, and discuss, some of the impacts, etc.

1. President Trump’s Wall: Donald Trump campaigned, promising, a southern wall, which he proclaimed, Mexico, would pay for. Objective observers doubted this, but his core supporters, believed him, and were inspired by the rhetoric and vitriol, it appeared to stir – up! For the past two years, he has continued to focus on this project, although, most security and immigration experts, state it is an inefficient, ineffective, and costly approach. Now, President Trump, is articulating his demand for $5 billion, to build this edifice, and proclaims, the opposing party, is against strong borders, and safety, of they refuse. The Democrats are refusing to agree to this demand, and Trump, states, he’s not only willing, but welcomes shutting down the government, unless he gets what he wants. We appear to have come to a situation, where someone, is demanding what many feel, is unthinkable, and, unless, he gets his way, he will let the government shut down! Who could possibly win, in this political wrangling, and apparent power play?

2. Responsible budgeting: While this President campaigned, against budget deficits, etc, his actions have been somewhat different! The deficit is now, its highest, since 2012, and appears to be spiraling upward. Much of this is due, to what most economists claim, was an unsustainable, ill – conceived tax plan, which predominantly benefited the largest corporations, with a promise, this so – called, Trickle – Down Economics, would create higher paying, better jobs. However, while many of these companies, have seen record – setting profits, the job projections, have not occurred. It’s important to recall, the last time, there wasn’t a federal deficit, was at the end of the Clinton administration, and that deficit reappeared and substantially increased, during the administration of President George W. Bush, and while it was somewhat reduced, during the Obama administration, has grown significantly, in the last year. We need a commitment to sound fiscal policy, and a re – imaging, of the approach. I personally believe, we need, zero – based budgeting.

Until/ unless, our elected officials become responsible, and prioritize the best interests of the nation, rather than any personal/ political agenda, and self – interest, we will continue to have band – aid, approaches, rather than relevant, sustainable solutions. No one benefits from these shutdowns, and in the past, they have been extremely costly, both, in terms of annoyance/ inconvenience/ disruption, and the additional costs, involved, when the government is restored. Wake up, America, and stop being fooled, by the rhetoric!

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