What Type of Lawyer Do I Need?

Some situations in our lives require hiring an attorney. However, we’re not skilled in law, and there are lots of different types of lawyers. How are you going to know which type do you actually need?

In this article, we’re going to share a couple of tips for finding the right lawyer for you. Read on if you want to learn which situations require different types of attorneys.

When do you need a personal injury lawyer?

When you’ve been in an accident, and you suffered with some kind of a trauma, then you’re looking for a lawyer that’s skilled in personal injury law. This one is going to be there for you in the moments after the accident.

Everything that needs to be done will be handled by them. Talking with the insurance company, handling the hospital bills, pressing charges against the other involved party, or keeping you safe from being placed in prison if the accident was your fault.

When a Tax lawyer is needed?

There’s no playing with the IRS. Everyone must pay the tax and fill in the docs when reporting about it. However, this procedure is rather complex. Sometimes people miscalculate, and miss deadlines, or fill in the wrong information. The IRS is going to notice this and send you a warning letter.

In these cases, you need advice from a professional who’s skilled in taxes and knows what needs to be your next move. What are the documents that must be provided, and where you need to go to avoid additional problems? If you ignore this problem, you might end up having everything you own confiscated, end spend some time in prison.

When to call a criminal lawyer?

Whenever you end up in a police station or prison is a good time to as for a criminal defense attorney. This is probably the most critical situation when you need someone to be on your side and represent you in front of the law enforcement officials.

If you have no one, and you don’t know anything about the criminal law, be sure that you’ll spend a lot of time behind bars. No one wants to go to jail, so make sure you find a great criminal attorney to represent you during the process when you’ll be seeking justice.

When to look for a divorce lawyer?

Most people will say – it’s obvious when you’re having a divorce. This is true, but only partially. Before you decide to get a divorce, you should look for a professional who will explain what the consequences of such a process are.

Most attorneys will tell you that they’ll handle everything, and you have nothing to worry about, but you should ask the right questions and make sure you can get along with these consequences. Make sure you understand the physical and financial implications that this process is going to bring. Ask your attorney about these things.

When do I need a corporate lawyer?

If you’re running a business and you have your own company, in most cases you can’t do without a great attorney. These types of law experts are charging the most, but they are never without a job because business owners simply can’t do without their advice and legal representation.

All agreements with employees, other companies, the state, and everything else connected to the company must go through the hands of a person who understands corporate law. The best corporate attorney is going to know what’s best for your business and advise you accordingly.

When to look for an employment lawyer?

In the US, there are 155.76 million people who are regularly employed. Some of them get into situations with their employers that are not positive. What kinds of situations you might ask? Think about sexual harassment cases, wrongful termination, not getting paid, discrimination, or not following safety protocols by your employers.

All these situations need to be addressed somewhere. The city or state institutions are there to protect the employees, but without the help of the attorneys who are excellent in this matter, a single worker can’t do much. If you suffer some of the mentioned issues, then you need an employment attorney to represent you and protect your rights at the workplace.


These few lawyers are some of the most commonly used by people. There are others and lots of those who are specialized in particular sub-categories. See a full list of attorney specializations on the following link

For example, when we say criminal lawyer, we mean a person who will represent you if you killed someone and if you got caught DUI. These are two entirely different problems, but they both fall under criminal justice. Use this list when you’re not sure what kind of attorney you need.

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