What To Do If You Get Caught DUI In Watertown NY

DUI stands for Driving Under Influence. This means that the limit of alcohol or drugs in your blood can’t surpass a certain point. If you are over this point you’re officially driving under influence. It is dangerous to drive intoxicated and that’s why the law is clear about this – no drinking and driving. Learn more about it here.

Still, the US is a country of democracy and not a regime like some other parts in the world. In the state of New York, marijuana is still not legal for recreational use, so if you get caught and the police officer thinks you might be high, they have the right to ask you to do a test and see if you’ve been smoking. Yes, police now have special tools to identify your drug use.

When it comes to alcohol, the limit is set a little lower. You’re able to drink a few beers or a glass of something stronger and still be free to drive. The limit is set to 0.08 BAC which is pretty much enough to have an interesting evening and still go home with your car.

Of course, a lot of people forget how much is enough and continue drinking. They pass the limit and when they get caught, the police officer will easily see that it is a DUI case. They’ll give the driver an alcohol test and if the tool shows a lot of alcohol in the blood, the driver will have to face charges.

DUI always means getting fined. Aside from this, you’ll probably have to hand over your license for a certain period of time and if the case is severe you might even get jailed. This is the number one reason why you must have a good DWI guy on speed dial and call them when you’re in trouble. This guy, of course, is a lawyer that’s experienced in cases like yours. Let’s go over the whole process once more and see what you need to do step by step.

How to act after being pulled over

It’s clear that if you’ve been drinking and police stop you, you’ll be very confused, scared, and stressed. It’s not easy concentrating in these moments but try to do some of the following:

Be polite – Pull right away and be polite. Avoid acting like a hot shot and do what the police officer tells you to. They’ll probably ask for your license and registration, and this is something you probably have no problem with.

Know your rights – If the police officer suspects that you’re being drunk, they might ask you if you have been drinking or ask you to step outside and do a sobriety test. You should know that you’re not under any law obligated to do this. You might lose your license at the moment or even taken down at the police station, but if you’re sure that you have more than 0.08% then it’s smarter to refuse all this and be taken.

If you had two beers, you might risk and say that you drank two beers. At this point, the police officer will ask you to do the breath test. Be sure that if you go over the line, you’ll face serious charges, so if you’re not sure, you better stay silent and face what’s coming to you. Whatever you do, just don’t lie to the officer. If you get caught lying once, this will be used against you in the court and punishment will be severe.

Call an attorney – If you get arrested, call your DUI lawyer right away. Avoid answering any questions that might incriminate you. The police are trained to ask you questions that will do this so you should know that it’s better to just say that you’re not going to talk without an attorney. See more about your rights on this link: https://www.cheatsheet.com/money-career/important-rights-when-pulled-over-police.html/

These words will get you arrested and you’ll face some charges but a good lawyer will much easier handle the evidence and the judge if you stayed silent. It means that talking things while drunk can incriminate you which will lead to a higher fine and maybe even jail time.

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