What Self Image Will You Choose Today?

Back in the dark ages, when I was in school, we were given IQ tests. If you scored high on them, you were declared a genius. If you scored low, you were shipped off to a technical school where hopefully you would be taught something that would allow you to make money. As I have grown older, I have come to realize that what we become in life has nothing to do with your IQ and everything to do with our SI (self-image).

Let’s do a Dr. Maltz here and look at a tale of two images. Before I start to tell you these stories, I want to let you know that you can hear them for yourselves on the “Zero Resistance Living” CD that is distributed by the Psycho Cybernetics foundation. Developing your self image is at the core of psycho cybernetics.

A young woman finally hears the words that she has been waiting for and marries the man of her dreams. Both she and her husband are employed in high paying jobs and soon purchase their dream home. In order to bolster their self image they are constantly buying new cars and indulging in all of the fine things that life can offer, on credit.

Then one morning, she wakes up to find a “Dear John” letter waiting for her on the kitchen counter. The dream husband has left her and taken all of their money. To add insult to injury, a week later she is terminated from her position and given a compensation package of only 30 days pay. She has no money in the bank, way more credit than she can afford to liquidate, and now she has no job. Her self image is decimated.

She files for bankruptcy and walks away with only a few minor possessions. She is interviews a couple of months later while living in a van in a state park. The news person is anxious to know how she could have fallen so far. She tells them that it is only temporary and that she is working on things that will soon have her back on her feet.

Then, her self image takes a nose dive into failure mode. When the news crew comes back a couple of months later, it is to find that she has committed suicide.

Now, let’s take a look at someone who used a positive self image to create a life that is successful.

Dr. Maltz tells the story of a man who came to one of his speaking engagements. He noticed that the man had difficulty with tasks, such as removing his suit jacket. After the jacket had been removed, he noticed that the man had no hands.

After his speech, Dr. Maltz spoke with the man. The gentleman told him that he had lost both of his hands in an accident several years prior. He, also, told Dr. Maltz that for a while after the accident he thought about taking his own life. Then, his self image kicked into success mode and he turned himself into the best sales person that he could be and went out to conquer the world.

We let the past decide our self image. Both of these individuals faced horrific experiences in their lives, however, one chose to leave the past behind and create a new, positive present and the other allowed her self image to be one of defeat.

We are all affected by the past experiences we have in our lives. If we want to have a successful, positive self image, we have to concentrate our thoughts on the times that we experienced success in the past, no matter how small those victories were.

Every morning, when we look in the mirror, we make a decision about what self image we are going to bring into our day. Choose a failure self image and fail, choose a successful self image and you achieve the goals that you have set for yourself that will move you forward.

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