What Are the Karmic Consequences For Abortion

There is a big difference between what the so-called experts are telling us and what the true masters and sages are warning us about. You first must very quickly realize you are not dealing with Roe v. Wade, moral codes, ethics or constitutional rights; But with cosmic laws and magnetic forces that most people are unaware of and have little understanding. Second, erase from your dictionary the word innocent if a cosmic law is committed out of ignorance, fear, or any other possible motive.

You probably have asked yourself when it is a human being a human being. Some of our greatest minds in this century can still not comprehend what the sages and masters are telling the people. The very second the spermatozoon of the father fuses with the ovum of the mother there is a large flash of light in the astral plane that's when the soul enters into a vehicle of light and enters the body of the mother at the base of the spell. Only because the soul has entered the body that it is allowed to develop. The intelligence of the soul develops the body.

Next you must understand what actually happens when there is an abortion. You are interfering with the progress or spiritual evolution of that soul. By killing it you are retarding and inhibiting the development of the ego of that entity. By thwarting this process of growth this living entity must again wait in the astral world for its chance to complete its designated karma in another body. One of the consequences for having an abortion is in their future incarnations they will have to suffer the sorrow of being aborted themselves and experience the same loss of spiritual evolution.

It does not make a bit of difference whatever you believe in karma or not. The karmic laws of cause and effect operates with or without your consent. The "unseen controllers" are the cosmic laws of justice that are watching everything we do twenty four hours a day and we can not hide anywhere to escape our actions. Those who have broken this law should not consider themselves innocent or free. At the very inception when this cosmic law is committed the sin couches itself in the sub-consciousness of the executor as a cause-effect impression that predecessors inevitable justice.

Instead of acting according to the laws of justice there is a subconscious present inner fear from the consequences which comes through the executor's conscience "do unto others as you would have others do unto you, Thou shall not kill." Immediately the executive is haunted and inwardly turned inside with the mental horror of the loss of life forced upon the entity.

Everyone should be spiritually educated by parents about cosmic and universal laws. Most mothers and fathers of our day do not know these laws; Consequently we must become our own doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists and lawyers to understand all of these laws and know that one moment of violence begets violence and triggers a "boomerang" karma on that individual.

Our astral blueprints are formed in the subconscious mind and they are what determines the physical, spiritual and mental structure of our physical body in our next incarnation, so when you abuse your body by transgressing cosmic, spiritual or universal laws the karmic law of cause and Effect comes into play with mathematical exactitude and you can be born into a womb with the genetic code where a specific chromosome is reactivated from a mother that has been taking drugs during the pregnancy and you may be aborted at that time or born with multiple birth defects . Why take the chance of being reborn with a handicap. In understanding this principle, you will then realize that you are totally responsible for your future and where you are now and by ignoring them it may even be worse for you to learn these lessons.

Good and evil actions are chosen freely, however when one has acted there is no longer any free choices to the consequences. You still have the freedom before you act, but the results from that action will be with you whether you like it or not. For those who have had an abortion and are on the spiritual path read the article "Can Bad Karma Be Erased, Forgiven Or Expunged?"

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