What Are the Different Features of Complaint Letter Sample?

Need for drafting a complaint: There are many scenarios in which you may be required to lodge a complaint against any individual or an organization. Such scenarios may arise when you receive a poor quality product or there is any deficiency in the services of the service provider. It is quite possible that you are harassed by a government employ on one pretext or the other. In such situations, you would need to send a complaint letter to a representative of the company or the concerned government department.

How to use a complaint letter sample: When you need to draft a complaint you can take the help of a complaint letter sample. It would be separated into relevant sections such as address and designation of the person to whom you are sending the letter, subject and salutation etc. You would find that it would be available in different formats which are suitable for different departments such as commercial organizations and government offices.

In such a complaint letter sample, you may even find some sample text with necessary space for entering the name of the company, product or service name, date and cash receipt number etc. You can change the relevant text easily and fill out the details which are related to you. Use of email is not advised as there are dedicated customer care executives or secretaries in every company who are given the responsibility to handle the emails. In this way, you way get entangled in the red tape and resolution of your complaint may take some time.

Where to find the samples: You can find such a sample at number of websites. It is quite possible that you find a sample which caters exactly to your requirements. All you would need to do is to make the necessary entries and your work would be done in a matter of minutes. Do take care to address the letter correctly so that it has maximum effectiveness.

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