Welfare And Healthcare Of Illegal Aliens

Each year immigrants use the services of the welfare and healthcare system in the United States resulting in billions of dollars being spent every year on their care. This comes straight from the Licenses for Immigrants offices.

The question arises-is this fair to the United States citizens who are legal residents? The legal residents pay the bill in one way or another, it might come out of your pocket directly, but you see in your taxes. The other question that arises from this particular dilemma – should we deny people in need of medical and public assistance.

The Current Status Of Illegal Aliens

If an illegal alien lives in this country, they cannot apply for and receive any form of public assistance. This however does not stop them from falsifying their information to receive assistance. If the alien is legal in the United States, they can receive benefits under some strict guidelines. This does involve a waiting period. This has not changed the problem with illegal immigrants coming into the country.

Background Information

Immigrants can obtain false papers stating they are legal to this country. If they do not have this paperwork, they cannot receive welfare, medical assistance, food stamps and other services offered by the government.

It is not hard for illegal immigrants to obtain the proper paperwork claiming them as US citizens. It has become a big business in the United States. If they are in need of medical services, area hospitals and walk-in clinics do not ask for proof of identification clarifying they are a US citizen. If you have a name and a made up Social Security number you can be treated in the medical facility.

Even if hospitals know they are illegal immigrants, they will treat them and not deny medical services. It is also important to know that they do not report them to the authorities as well. This is their way of providing medical care to everyone without the fear of being caught and detained before being deported. Only small amounts of illegal aliens are deported because of limited resources from governments. The more important cases are sought out such as criminals and people who break laws.

In 1996, the new law made it impossible to come to this country and receive food stamps, Medicaid and welfare without a long waiting period. Before the law, legal aliens could apply for benefits and receive them right away. This has cut down on the taxpayers paying for illegal aliens living on government assistance.

Before, immigrants had to have family sponsor them and provide documentation of support and income while promising to support them entirely while on the waiting list, which could take up to ten years. The supporting family reimbursed any government support. Under the 1996 law, some benefits were restored. This was only for certain things, which still has the advocates for immigration, human and civil rights feeling they still have a long road ahead.

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