Using Available Options to Secure an Early Release

People who have been arrested and taken to jail are often given the chance to make a phone call during the booking process. For some people, this call is made to their family or lawyers. For others, it is a chance to call a bail bonds company to put up the money needed to secure their release.

When you wonder when to make this phone call, how much a bond will cost you, or how to bail someone out of jail philadelphia pa defendant’s like you can get most or all of your questions answered on the website. You can also learn more about the terms of taking part in this legally binding agreement.

Caution before Signing the Dotted Line

Doing business with a bail bonds agent is more than just having this person front the money to get you out of jail. It is an extensive legal arrangement to which you must agree if you want to use the services of the bail bonds company.

Before you sign on the proverbial dotted line, you are cautioned to read the contract and make sure you understand to what you are agreeing. For example, the terms in the contract will demand that you show up to all of your court dates. Making court appearances on time is a crucial component to fully participating in the legal process after you have made bail.

If you abscond on or jump bail, the bail bonds agent can go to the judge overseeing your case and have him or her issue a warrant for your arrest. The bail bonds agent along with every other bounty hunter in the area can find and arrest you, taking you back to jail where you will have to await your court date behind bars.

Rather than risk this possibility, you can read your contract thoroughly, ask the bonds agent any questions you have, and then sign it if you agree to its terms. You could secure the money you need to get out of jail within a matter of hours. This arrangement requires your full legal participation, however.