USCIS Marriage Green Card Forms: What Is the Purpose of Each Form?

Filing for a Marriage based Green Card is hard work. It would not be so difficult if the process were not so confusing.

While completing each question on each form and attaching dozens of items of evidence, it's easy to get lost in the details, and not what to do next.

You might think to yourself "What the heck am I doing this for anyway …?"

Below is a break down of the purpose of each and every form you need to send to the USCIS for your Marriage Green Card application.

Here's a short and sweet summery of the goal of each form. This is what each form means to the USCIS …)


I-130: Dear USCIS I'm a US Citizen and I want my foreign-born spouse to live with me in America. Here is all our information and extensive proof of our marriage.

G-325A: Again, here is my biographic info.

I-485: I'm the spouse (or finance (e) of a US citizen. I want to live in America with my my spouse. Here is all my biographic information.

I-864 : I make enough money to financially support my foreign-born spouse. ie my income exccedes the poverty line of the current year and I have a stable job. Therefore my spouse will never need government assistance such as "well fare" etc. Here's proof. (If your income is less than required, there are other options available on Form I-864 – and form I-864A if necessary – such as using your assets –property, investments, etc. or using a co-sponsor or joint sponsor ).

I-693: I, the foreign spouse, went to a USCIS appointed doctor … and I don't have any contagious diseases, So you can safely let me live in America with my US citizen spouse.


I-765: I want to work in America while my application is being processed –here's my info.

I-131: I want to travel outside of America while my application is being processed –here's my info (and here's why).

* It's recommended that you submit both optional forms list above. Even if you think you might not need them, you may change your mind. They are free to file and the I-765 is also useful as a form of ID
If you are currently applying for a Marriage based Green Card, print out these shot summaries. Keep them on your desk for reference. It will help keep you focused on the big picture and make the process less confusing.

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