Types of personal injury cases 

Personal injury cases are broad and relate to almost anything that can be proven through torts of negligence. However, a New Orleans personal injury lawyer may be more interested in accidents that cause or often lead to brain and spinal cord injuries. In other instances, some lawyers have specialized in car accidents, motorcycle accidents, and even bicycles. Such lawyers have decided to specialize in a specific domain of law, which attracts negligence in similar accident cases. For instance, a car accident lawyer may specialize in a law domain that revolves around traffic laws and pedestrian rights. 

Now, let us get back to personal injury cases. What are the common types of personal injury cases that may attract a compensation claim? Well, they include but not limited to, the following:

  • Medical malpractice

Medical malpractice arising from the negligence of doctors, nurses, or hospital’s lab technicians can lead to serious injuries if not irreversible damages and even death. Some common mistakes include wrong surgery, errors committed in child delivery, and incorrect diagnosis.

  • Defective products

Defective products are consumable goods in circulation that can cause actual bodily harm and severe injuries to users. For instance, a manufacturer may still circulate expired products, and if they cause damage to you, then it is possible to sue for personal injury compensation.

  • Wrongful death

A wrongful death, just like the name implies, is a type of accident that causes a death that was never supposed to happen if someone would have been more careful with their job. In other words, it is death meted on the carelessness of an individual, which displays gross negligence. For instance, wrongful death can be caused by work accidents, medical malpractices, tractor crushes, and even car accidents. On the above incidences, if the driver was more careful, no one would have died, and if the doctor also made a sound diagnosis, no one would have been killed too.

  • Premises liability

Premises liability, just as the name suggests, refers to any type of accident that can lead to personal injury in someone else’s property. For instance, if someone falls from a staircase in a commercial building because of a missing rail, then the owner of the premises will be held liable for compensation. That one explains why you also have to be warned against slippery floors, especially during cleaning. Another instance may be when a dog bites you at a neighbor’s compound or breaking your leg at a swimming pool because of the owner’s carelessness. After catastrophic accidents, premises liability is the second highest contributor to personal injury cases. 

  • Assaults

Assault is a leading cause of personal injury cases, especially in injuries caused by stray bullets, or actions perpetrated by sound mind beings. It is common for assault perpetrators to be prosecuted by the state, but you can also take the mantle and proceed to sue the guilty party. After all, the state may be seeking punishment and an authority to act as a warning to other possible offenders, but your life needs to go on. Therefore an indemnification might be necessary for that instance.

  • Catastrophic accidents 

Finally, as we all know, the leading cause of personal injury cases are devastating accidents mainly caused by motorists. However, it may be challenging to prove liability under personal injury laws, especially if the accident wasn’t that severe.