Types of occupational accident claims

Occupational accidents represent a fairly high percentage of personal injury claims. In some cases, neither all the involvement in the world on the part of the company to ensure the safety of its employee, nor all the care in the world on the part of the employee, can prevent something from going wrong and an accident from occurring. 

In these cases, there are always a series of steps to follow that will lead us to get the appropriate compensation with the severity of the injuries and the repercussions of the accident in our daily life.

However, it is not always easy to know what type of claim to make. For this reason, we will explain the types of claims that exist, so that before typing “injury lawyers near me” you have in mind some information that can be very useful and, in fact, that could help you choose the type of lawyer you need depending on the situation. 

First type. Temporary disability benefit.

This type of benefit will be received for the duration of the period of sick leave. In this way, it helps to cover the expenses derived from the cessation of activity and compensates the clinical situation of the person concerned.

Second type. Permanent disability benefit

The permanent disability benefit is indicated in case the affected person does not recover from the injuries, i.e., if they are chronic. In this way, the permanent cessation of work activity is supplemented, at the same time as the clinical situation of the affected person is compensated. Depending on the type of agreement that the worker has with the company, this type of aid could increase its amount, if so stated. 

Third type. Compensation for damages suffered in the event of civil liability.

In addition to this type of benefit, if occupational risk prevention has not been complied with, there will be a surcharge for benefits. This type of compensation is the one that involves a more complicated process since it will be necessary to prove, if necessary, negligence on the part of the company. 

In order to pursue this type of cases, the affected persons almost always choose to have the help of an expert lawyer, who has already assisted numerous similar cases and who is therefore a specialist in this area. It should be remembered, that claims directed at the company itself by an employee always arouse great fear, since the conditions or even the permanence in the job in the future may be affected. This is undoubtedly another reason why many people decide to rely on the help of a professional intermediary to facilitate agreements between both parties and thus save them from compromising situations.

Once this information is known, we must bear in mind that it is essential, for any of the three types of claim, to ask for as much information as possible regarding our medical situation as affected parties and to keep it, at least, until the process is concluded.

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