Top-rated online legal services

Top-rated online legal services

The digital era has led to almost every service going online. The legal profession has not been left out, and today you can find lots of online legal services. Online legal services have proved to be very helpful. They offer services such as setting up a business, reviewing a contract; resolving disputes in partnerships, and other legal services.

Just by searching through the internet, you will discover a variety of online legal service providers. However, it is important to find out the best. Online reviews such as offer legal services reviews that will help you find reputable online legal services. This article points out some of the best legal services you can find onlineand their details.

1.  Legal Zoom.

This is one of the best online legal services that will accommodate your personal, professional and business needs. Legal zoom offers various services inthe following categories; Business, intellectual property, wills, trust, family and attorney advice.

For those in business, legal zoom offers a couple of services that would be of great significance in their field of work. It offers services such as; Business formation, business names, trademark, patent and copyright, real estate, taxes, licensing and permits, legal forms and business compliance documents, all of which accommodate your business needs.

Legal zoom also offers various services relating to families, including marriage and divorce, residential lease, property lease, and estate relations.

In addition to these, those seeking attorney’s advice are also catered for as legal zoom offers agreements and contracts, business consultation and website terms and conditions. The best plan to use in legal zoom is the business advisory plan. This is a monthly legal plan that enables you to access your services whenever you require them.

2.  Rocket lawyer.

Businesses with lots of legal documents will find Rocket Lawyer their best option. Rocket lawyer has an initiative that helps you customize legal document for your business. Lawyers are important in business as businesses have lots of legal issues to deal with. OnlineLegal services are helpful as they can be accessed easily, and all you need is a few clicks on your computer.

Rocket Lawyerwill offer help in creating and processing documents such as; non-disclosure agreement, LLC operating agreement, independent contractor agreement, business contract, lease agreement, eviction notice, intent to purchase, real estates, and quitclaim deed. With Rocket Lawyer, payments can be made monthly or immediately depending on the service you require. Rocket lawyer also contains a mobile app that enables you to access legal documents from any place. Agreements can also be done via the mobile app, where the concerned parties can use the app to sign and seal their agreement.

3.  Legal match.

This platform matches you with an attorney that suits your legal issue. It offers a straightforward way of finding an attorney. You are only needed to provide your current location and the category of your issue. Some issues that Legal Match can help you with include immigration issues, criminal defense, employment, family, business, or real estate. The website will directly and automatically link you with a professional lawyer near you. The thing that you’ll find most amazing about Legal Match is that it is free.

4.  Incfile

It offers online legal services that deal majorly with business formation. Incfile helps you to choose the business entity that you desire. Some of the plans offered by this service include; Online status tracking, free business tax consultation, lifetime support, next day business processing, online access to documents, lifetime company alerts and company name verification.

5.  Avvo

This is an online service that will have your legal questions answered online. It’s a unique service where you can post your question and get a response from multiple lawyers, and read through questions posted by other people. Avvo service contains articles, resources and offers legal advice. It is the best option for those who have questions and would wish them to be answered but don’t want to spend money on attorneys.


In conclusion, this article has pointed out some of the top legal services you can find online. Online legal services are becoming more and more popular as they issue legal documents, legal information and other legal services without someone leaving their home or office. It also allows communicationwith different attorneys and does not limit youto only the attorneys in your area. The increase in online legal services has made it even harder to know which ones are reliable and not. This article has sought to make this process easy by offering some of the top-rated online legal services.