Tips from Long Island Car Accident Lawyer

It would be best if you don’t need a lawyer but you will never know when you will require one. Accidents happen and it is smart to have someone by your side ready to react if you or your property gets damaged. Many people have someone from their family or a friend that is attorney so they can get advice from them but if you don’t have one then you might do your research before hiring one. Every case is different and if you need a Long Island car accident lawyer, first try to gather all the information you can about the case.

Because you will need a specific type of attorney, don’t always turn to your friend because he might not have enough experience in that field. It’s better to ask them to refer to someone that does a good job. The Internet is a good place to start your research.

When Accident Occurs

Before even you start thinking about suing someone, you will want to check what your options are and what actually happened. Even if someone made a mistake and crashed into your car, your actions after the incident may affect the overall trial. Many people get really angry after such an event and they assault the other driver or damage their car.

The problem is that you need to follow the procedure that is issued for all drivers when something like that happens. You need to call the police or call for medical help and live them to do their job. The outcome will be more complex if you don’t follow what the law says and you might lose money even if it wasn’t your mistake. On the other hand, if you made a mistake, don’t admit it because the lawyer won’t be able to win the case. Read more on this website.

What to Do Next?

When the mistake is made by the other driver, in most cases you won’t be dealing with him directly instead you will settle your claim for damage from the insurance company. Because they were not at the scene, it means that you need to gather all the information you can including the name and contact of the other driver, his insurance company name and contact of any witnesses. Another tip is to take pictures of license plates and damage that was made.

It’s important to know that the more information you have about the accident the easier it will be to settle a claim from the insurance company. They are not on your side so they will try to give as little money as they can. They will start by assuming that it was partially or completely your fault or you haven’t given enough documentation. When you have enough information they can still say that they can offer a certain amount that you might not like and you will need to file a lawsuit so you can expect a frustrating process.

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Types of Damage

When it comes to property damage, there are different types of claims you can initiate. The first is the vehicle damage when we talk about the vehicle you own. The second is the property that was in the car like a computer and other electronics that may be expensive. You can also want your money back for the car rental that you had to use while your vehicle is being repaired. 

If you don’t have any proof that you rented a car then the insurance company won’t take that in the notice. They will open a settlement agreement just if it’s in their best interest to do so. They know that it is less expensive to pay fair compensation then go through a lawsuit.

What if You Get Injured?

The accident might get more serious and you might get seriously injured. Legal issues are then more complicated and besides the damage claims you can file for you should also get coverage for medical expenses. Additionally, there is stress and physical pain you are going through which your lawyer should add in notes.

It can happen that you get released from the hospital and they will just cover for what you incurred at that point. If you ask medical staff, they will tell you that most serious injuries live a mark after they release you. The symptoms may be experienced after a few months and then it will be too late to file a claim.

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