Tips for Single Mothers in Financial Distress

Solitary moms are able to obtain cash via a variety of sources. Fortunately, there are a big variety of ways single mothers can get monetary help, whether it’s via the federal government or their local college in scholarship money.

The easiest way to get money if you’re a single mom is by using a simple method. This method is what I call the “lowest hanging fruit” method. By picking the most affordable, simplest fruit to reach, you’re utilizing an efficiency principle. By expending less resources, you’re obtaining the same desired result. When a single mother is presented with different ways of getting financial aid, then she should choose the easiest ones first.

Three of the easiest ways are asking family for cash, accumulating money owed for you, and chopping back again on investing. First, single moms need to ask their folks for some dough. Chances are, your parents have the means and are just waiting for you to inquire for their help. Parents reside for their children and are usually very prepared to assist them out – particularly with regards to cash. If asking parents isn’t an option, then move to your closest relatives. Your grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins you are close with should be more than willing to help their fellow family member out. If you absolutely don’t think anyone in your family can or will help out – you can move on to other sources. Asking your children’s father is another great way to get financial assistance. You’re giving the father of your kids a chance to assist them. By helping you out, they are helping your children out.. You can especially get money if he has a job, and he isn’t currently paying child support. Most situations will side with the mother and take money straight out of his paycheck to help you and the children out. If the father is jobless – you can seek out governmental assistance. Many states have available programs to help single mothers out, especially when the father can’t. Don’t let that money sit unclaimed. That cash is owed for you and your children and it makes perfect sense to go after it. Also, ask his family for help too.

My final recommendation of getting financial aid is just by cutting back. Find things that you don’t need or can easily live without. Keep your children in mind when making a list. One way would be to cut back again your child care expenses. Have friends or family take care of them for you and be grateful. If they want compensation, tell them you will pay them back when you’re back on your feet. Most friends and family will abide. Also, no cable tv or internet at home – these can be bummed off of friends or Starbucks at any time. If you place your mind to it, you can discover a great deal of things you can otherwise get for totally free. As a single mother, any financial advantage can have a huge impact on quality of life. Be resourceful, and you will be rewarded.

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