This Election Is an Opportunity to Discover the Amount of Cancer in the Body Politic

There has been fraud. Of that, most are certain

Yet, there has always been some amount of fraud in every election. Yes, there are and have been the corrupt, acting on their own, for one reason or another, hoping to tip the scales.

These individuals, however, have been in the distinct minority in times past, or so we are led to believe. As such, we have had reasonable confidence in the results of our elections. That changed with the Russia collusion scandal.  

Corrupt Democrats, many on the Left, in cahoots with mainstream media, in a deliberate and malicious effort to delegitimize a lawfully-elected president, perpetrated a false narrative that divided the nation and crippled a newly-elected president for years.  

The narrative: the 2016 election was fraudulent because the Trump campaign colluded with Russia.  

In fact, this narrative, itself, was the real fraud perpetrated on the public and it has accelerated the disintegration of trust and goodwill. It has eroded any concept of, “we the people” being sovereign. We are all now aware of, and hyper-sensitive to the open corruption existing in many government agencies and all three branches of government, that, supposedly, serve us daily.

Doubts about the integrity of government and the ruling class now reign.

The Left has proven it is willing to do anything to make certain Trump does not have a second term. How logical is that, given all the energy expended to prevent him from finishing his first!

Mistrust and suspicion on the Right is but a logical consequence of actions taken by the Democrats over the last four years.

They have demonstrated a willingness to lie and cheat time-and-again to obtain their goals so why would an election be any different? They are and have been Machiavellian in their approach. The end justifies any means because Trump is viewed as Hitler incarnate. Anything goes. Why would their MO change now?  Play fair when the stakes are the highest? I don’t think so.  

Suspicion of foul play is therefore not irrational.  

Our body politic today is best viewed as an individual worried about cancer. Symptoms abound but, in many ways, the person afflicted does not want to know. He is afraid of the truth. Ignoring the truth won’t help, so he decides to be tested.

There are signs, now, of massive cancer and we have decided to be checked out, i.e. Investigate voter fraud. Many don’t want the truth and would rather move on. But are we truly worse if we get checked out? We need to know the truth and we have the perfect opportunity, now, to do so.  We are wise to investigate voter fraud nationwide and ascertain, once and for all, its magnitude.

Yes, the exam may be intrusive, even painful, but let’s brace for the facts.  

Tests of the body politic will produce one of four outcomes. We should be prepared to hear any of them.

1) There are symptoms, but it’s a false alarm 

We are sick but the malady has not overwhelmed our body and we merely need rest. This diagnosis comes if we only have fraud on a limited, local level insufficient to kill the body politic or change an election. We can prosecute lawbreakers and move on. Quite frankly, this is my hope, even if this means a Biden victory. In this instance, we have demonstrated that our Republic stands, and we still have life ahead. It would sadden me, too, as it might show that voters seek to implement radical-Left policies. But, it would be the will of the people.

2) There’s a massive tumor but it is isolated and hasn’t spread 

Doctors are optimistic they can cut it out and provide radiation treatment. Chances of survival are good. This is akin to us discovering that fraud exists, but comes from a central source, such as China, someone akin to George Soros or a nefarious group hoping to wield its influence. If we can identify and root out this tumor, we recover and have hope.

3) Cancer has spread, doctors determine, and demise is just a matter of time

Failing divine intervention, the patient has little time and must say goodbye. Although there is no one big tumor the cancer has spread throughout the body with little hope of recovery. This is the equivalent of determining there is not one vast organizer of fraud in the election, but that so many people have been corrupted, their cumulative fraudulent actions are sufficient to tip the scales. Enough have acted independently, yet still in concert, to change the results of this election, whether by ballot harvesting, vote-alteration or filling out more than a single ballot. In this instance, our people are corrupted and there is little chance of prosecuting or holding this many people accountable.

4) Worst-case: Scenarios 2 and 3 are true

Indeed, there was both a coordinated effort, and people are so corrupt as to commit fraud on a wide-scale basis. We would be in the fight of our lives.

So, where are we as a nation? I’m prepared for the truth. How will we know it when it is presented? Are we so far gone that no one will believes the diagnosis even if the results are irrefutable? My earnest hope is that we find out soon, and with certainty, we can begin whichever treatment is required to make us whole.

But is it possible to have an assured diagnosis before it’s too late? The clock is ticking.  

Jeff Utsch, of Tucson, AZ, is an instructor at the Leadership and Freedom center in Gettysburg PA and can be heard on iHeart Radio’s Podcast, Constitutional Conversations, with KFYI 550-AM host James T Harris, of The Conservative Circus. Jef[email protected]

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