The Shocking State of American Politics

Throughout my life, and possibly the same for most Australians, there have been only a couple of Presidents of the USA that have had low range respect from this country. The current one, however, is without any form of regard as most are laughing at the antics and the shocking state of American politics. This is obviously also the case in other nations. The big question is when and how will things change?

While it’s probably not ethical for an outsider to speak of it perhaps it is time someone said something. The issue is serious enough to be of global concern and one that flies in the face of security for the free world. Does this sound over the top? Then think about it in the light of the lies that are constant from his mouth and that is causing a great deal of confusion for his staff. How can anyone believe him or support his office.

He has become an object of comedy on at least one local TV show that is watched by a large audience. Plus he is the subject of ridicule by almost all who speak of him.

While politics is renowned as a ‘dirty’ business by most Australians (because of the underhanded deals and methods of persuasion used) no one has ever been laughed out of office. It comes as no shock, therefore, to hear an American journalist describe Trump as a ‘dead duck’ president because he has not been able to get a single thing done in six months.

Well, to clarify that he has not done anything he said he would do. He has sacked a few people, rubbed some leaders the wrong way, verbally abused Muslims and anyone he has a grudge against, and been snubbed at the G20 meeting held recently in Germany.

Australians love giving people a fair go and letting them get on with things. We like people who give others a fair go and that is not what is happening from this administration. While the politics in the USA has taken a dive there are some bright spots. The one where Senator McCain voted against dumping Obama Care has to be one of them. The appointment of the Grand Jury to look into Trump’s affairs is another. Lets hope they straight things out.