The Law of Attraction and the Sweepstakes

This is an account of my own experience with “The Secret”! If you haven’t read the book by Rhonda Byrne yet I highly recommend it. It explains how the Universal Law of Attraction works! How we create our own reality by what we think feel.

“Like Attracts Like”

As soon as I read this book I began to put methods to test to make it work for me. I used it to start my own spiritual journey of awakening, to find my purpose. This attracted me to a lot of different programs about this subject. Not to mention a lot of self help information. As a result of all this I have grown tremendously as a person. I have definitely seen this law in action!

I thought all I had to do was “Desire exactly what I wanted” to the point of obsession (total focus). Believe it to be mine beyond a shadow of a doubt, Take “inspired action” towards it… & It would be mine!

I wrote my affirmations everyday… “My life is perfect now that I make ____$ a week. I am so Grateful for all this success! I went through my visualization exercises many times a day… (imagining my dream as if it were happening at that moment and Feeling it)! I have my “vision board” with all my goals & dreams & pictures of exactly what I want right beside my desk so I can Focus on them…I even started meditating! I Asked, Believed, & Took Inspired Action & then waited to Receive. I even had the exact date! Because my dream was to win the Publishers Clearing House $5000 a week for life sweepstakes! I had every thing all figured out how this would get me to my dreams! I was already writing the affirmation of that amount… & then all of a sudden, instead of it’s giveaway date in Feb. 2009, they were going to” Take an early look and give it away on Feb 29th 2008! I got so excited… I just knew the universe was rearranging things to grant my dream!

I began visualizing the Winning Moment on my porch! How we would spend the money… how I could use it to help people… (this was my biggest dream… to find a way I could give back in a way to help others) I was convinced to the point of obsession that this would be my answer to how I could give. I had no other idea of anything special I could do that would be My individual way I could accomplish this.

I figured my “inspired action” was entering everyday online, all places I could find to enter! I even watched a video clip of past winners on You Tube every day just to help Feel the win. I had the pictures out of the mailings sitting here on my desk & would imagine Dave Sayer at my door, then at the kitchen table to work out the details!

I put all my focus and belief in this dream…. to the point of holding it so tight I was smothering it. I was so afraid if I didn’t concentrate my total focus on this it wouldn’t happen.

Then in the many conflicting studies I read; one said you have to release the dream into the universe &” Trust” it will bring it to you. Here is where I had a problem! I would say the words to release it… but I was so obsessed at this point I couldn’t let it go! I was so convinced that this was mine I told everyone I knew. I even had them playing the “imagine this” game with me. I told them to watch for me on TV! I even had my “don’t believe it till I see it” husband believing I’d win!

Then the day came… I was so excited… I could not contain myself…I knew it was to be on the NBC evening news… which meant they would have to be there by 7 PM!

Well the time came …and the time went…and nothing!!! I just could not believe it! All I could think is what did I do wrong? This just can’t be so!Maybe I was mistaken on the date or time. I ran in & looked it up…I was not the winner!

I was DEVASTATED…to say the least. I could not get a grip on anything. My beliefs were shattered and scattered all over & I didn’t even want to pick up the pieces. I just stayed outside on the patio by myself trying to understand. And bless his heart, my husband, felt that disappointment right along with me, but just let me be. He knew my spirit was crushed!


This is when I started seeing the Law work! It really seems to work quick with negative emotions!

“like attracts like”! Everything was soon spiraling out of control & fast! I knew I had to get off that frequency… but I just didn’t have a clue how to get up! But, I knew I had to turn it around and get the positive back or it was going to cause some major damage! (There’s a whole other article to explain all the steps I used to come back.)

I finally decided that God has a better way for me to get to my dreams. And maybe this devastation is what I need to go through to find answers. Everything happens for a reason! I believe that reason was to point me to the original question I had, which was what can I do to give back and help other people?

I can write!

I don’t have to have money to “Give”! I can give of myself! And I never quit believing in the actual dreams and goals, I just had to turn around in the maze and take a different direction to get out to my dreams. It’s not my job to figure out how it’s going to happen. My job is to stay focused on the end result! At least now I feel like I am contributing again, and I feel I have found my place, or my thing to give and share with the world. So, that dream is becoming a reality without having to have a bunch of money!

I really enjoy sharing my stories! Especially if they can help someone else!!! So the outcome of all this is a happy ending, because I am doing what makes me happy, and hopefully helping others in some way! And I am still a very big believer of the higher power that works for the greater good,

that we are all connected to, and now, I reach out to share Love, Peace, Happiness and Joy with everyone I can!

Just remember, you don’t need to look outside yourself for answers. The answers are all WITHIN!

Thank The Good Lord; We don’t always get what we want, or we’d miss the things we are supposed to learn along the way! And who knows… maybe I just needed to let go and it will happen! Never Lose Sight Of Your Dreams!!! Just remember , there is more than one way to get to them! And I believe If you are Meant to have them… you WILL!