The Importance of Tort Law to Minimize Liability

You often come into contact with the term law of Tort. What is Tort Law? Briefly speaking, law of Tort is actually designed to manipulate the behavioral pattern of human beings. Tort law is a regular body which offers the instant remedy for the social wrongs. It mainly puts emphasis on the behavior of the persons or the relation between the company and the individual. It actually highlights the quality of care. Suppose, you have been severely injured with a running ball that was kicked or thrown by your friend. Now you have blamed your friend for that mishap.

At the same time, you have claimed compensation for the injury. There will be two questions against such claim. Was it a crime? Did your friend intentionally hit your body with a ball? Or is it just an accident? If it is intentional act of criminality, your friend must be responsible to pay the price for the injury and for the loss of time which you have spent or wasted. On other hand, if it is inadvertent mistake, there will be confusion about the true consciousness of your friend.

To what extent he was careful and how much attention he applied to play the game. Herein lies the importance of Tort law which deals with the behavior and the action of the citizens. Due to the massive negligence and lack of care, your friend has committed the wrongdoing by throwing the ball at your face without taking the appropriate measures to act in perfect way.

Tort has set a number of guidelines and norms which must be followed to get the compensation. Before charging a person for the dereliction of duties, you must prove that his action was not up to the mark. On the other hand, there is another limitation in the case of activating the Tort law. You will have to keep it in mind that if the injury is done indirectly without the direct participation of the suspected party or company, it will be called the remoteness criterion. What is that? That means if an accident happens in such a way in which the company and the individual are not liable to accept the charges which are supposed to be framed against them for the lack of care.

For instance in case you have received injuries due to stumble over a protruded paving stone in the street, you can’t claim compensation framing the charge against the local authority or administrative machinery who is supposed to take care of the street. In this case, the liability is very remote and the party is not involved directly to enhance the wrongdoing. For this particular reason, you will not be able to move court to claim compensation package due to your physical injury.