The Fine Line Between Politics, Rhetoric, Vitriol, And Mean-Thinking

Much of what the general public observes, is, at least, somewhat, manipulated, etc! Politicians spend an extraordinary amount of time, effort, and money, performing acts, such as political polling (to try to measure the popularity and preferences of certain issues, and/ or policies), using empty rhetoric, and making often – unfulfilled promises, rather than focusing on producing the service, their constituents deserve and need! How, therefore, might the public, be ready and prepared to evaluate when, what they hear and witness, is pure politics, mere rhetoric, vitriol – based, or simply mean (and nasty).

1. Politics as usual: Too often, we witness, politics, as usual, where the elected official, places his party and/ or political factors, over service to the nation, and its citizens! We have witnessed, in the last several years, and, perhaps, even more so, in the last 6 months, dysfunction, at a level, rarely witnessed in the past! The recent debate over health care and insurance, might have exemplified this, because it was less about the issue, and far more about politics. What ever happened to bipartisan leadership, in order to serve the public’s best interests?

2. Empty rhetoric/ promises: While we somewhat expect, candidates to make lots of empty promises, and using rhetoric (rather than reality), why do these individuals, seem to never transform, to statesmen! What good does this over – reliance on rhetoric, blaming and complaining, etc, service, unless it is solutions – oriented?

3. Vitriol: Consider the most recent Presidential campaign, conducted during 2015 and 2016. Then – candidate Donald Trump, used a wide variety of nasty names, to describe his opponents, such as Lying Ted (to describe Ted Cruz), Little Marco (for Marco Rubio), or the many nasty statements he made, directed at the then – Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton. At one time or another, he referred to opponents as lacking energy, hinted at health issues (which did not exist), made nasty and mean statements about family members (remember what was said about Cruz’ father and wife), or the accusations and statements, such as Lock her up, directed at Mrs. Clinton. He often riled – up his core followers, by making inflammatory, vile – based statements, and accusations!

4. Mean – thinking: When does this behavior go too far? When it is mean – thinking, contains vitriolic, biased, prejudiced, inflammatory statements, etc, with the apparent attempt, to do little more than rile – up his political core!

We have never observed any public official, who behaved, spoke, seemed as ill – prepared, etc, as President Donald Trump! Now, more than ever, we need our other elected officials, to step forward, to protect the freedoms, rights, etc, we’ve come to expect, in America!