The Dangers Of Lies, Empty Promises, And Rhetoric

Although, some (or, even most) of his political core supporters/ base, appear to be inspired and motivated, by the misstatements (lies), excessive, empty promises, and rhetoric/ vitriol, the impact on much of the rest of the nation, seems divisive, and polarizing, when this nation, needs to come together, for the common good. How can we arrive at a much – needed, meeting – of – the – minds, when the President, consistently, resorts to name – calling, against anyone, who has the perceived audacity, to disagree with him, or his ideas? While President Trump’s style might be political genius, doesn’t it seem, like he has never stopped campaigning, even after he was elected? Who has he not called some name, or made an accusation against? How many more conspiracy theories, will we have to listen to? Whether one supports/ agrees, with this man, or not, it is important to realize/ recognize, there are many undesirable ramifications of the constant blaming and complaining, lying (or material misstatements), making a variety of empty promises, and resorting to constantly use a level of rhetoric, which often, seems to border on vitriol! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, why this type of behavior, has less than positive impacts.

1. Lies: Many fact – checkers, including the Washington Post, Snopes, Political Fact Check, and others, have stated, this President has continued lying, at an unheard – of, rate, and level, some claiming, he has lied, in a significant way, close to 10 times, per day, on average. These misstatements have been, seemingly, to the American public, campaign rally attendees, reporters, Congress, foreign governments, etc. How can anyone, believe and trust, an individual, who relies so heavily in rhetoric, rather than proposing viable solutions?

2. Empty Promises: Since we have gotten used to candidates, stretching the truth, Donald Trump’s campaign promises, merely appeared bolder, and more politically focused, to a specific political base. However, when one promises something, and then, continues, making material misstatements, after electing, without considering, the realities of achieving any viable solution, nothing productive, usually happens! It seems, his campaign promise, of a Southern Wall, so enthused his supporters, that he has continued promoting it, after his election. Even after Congress, refused his request for significant funding, on multiple occasions, and, he still could not win, even after showing a preference for a partial government shutdown, he insisted there was, and declared a National Emergency. How can spending significant funds, on a concept, experts claim, to be ineffective, inefficient, and unrealistic, when we still haven’t addressed many infrastructure issues, such as the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, etc, be in the best interests of the nation?

3. Rhetoric: We’re used to political rhetoric, but President Trump’s level of, and reliance on, using vitriol, aimed at his perceived opponents, is, at least, unproductive! How can, constantly, calling his political opponents, names, such as Lying Hillary, Little Marco, Low Energy Jeb, as well as his inferences about the staff of the Mueller Investigation, etc, be worthy, of the leader of the free world?

Wake up, America, don’t we deserve better leadership? If you don’t speak out, and let politicians know, you want more than promises, and rhetoric, but well – considered, viable solutions, our future may be challenging?

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