The Building of President Trump’s Border Wall

What Does Donald Trump Say About Mexicans?

Since the first day of his campaign back in June 2005, Donald Trump has been recorded several times making racially charged statements. His first speech labeled Mexican immigrants as criminals and rapists. He went further to claim that they bring drugs and crime. In the few weeks that followed, he labelled the Mexican immigrants as killers too. A few months down the campaign trail he claimed that the whole Mexican immigrant menace was part of a larger conspiracy by the Mexican government to send their bad people over the border so that the burden of rehabilitating them falls on the shoulders of the US taxpayer. Around August 2005 Trump ejected Mexican American journalist Jorge Ramos who challenged him on his immigration platform. Trump ordered him to sit down and go back to Univision, right before the suited security detail marched Ramos out of the room. Trump drew a lot of controversy when he suggested that a federal judge who was presiding over the Trump University fraud case would give a bias ruling based on his Mexican heritage.

How Necessary Is Donald Trump’s Wall?

The building of president Donald Trump’s wall became a reality on November 8th. Trump believe that a wall along the US and Mexican border will stem in the tide of undocumented immigrants flowing in through the southern border. Trump believes this recent immigrant tide are people coming to live off government subsidies or engage in criminal activity. He goes further to say that some are here to compete for high paying jobs at the expense of the American worker, His critics opposed against this project argue that Trumps arguments are based on assumptions and not facts.

Pros and Cons of Building a Wall between Us and Mexico


· Illegal immigration will greatly reduce or stop altogether. This might check some of the illegal activities that are brought about by it such as human trafficking and drug dealing.

· Border patrols will be much easier.

· The America public will feel much safer.

· The US economy is in no position to accommodate them. It’s averaged that the immigrant household receives $24721 of government welfare benefits while their annual taxes account for only $10,344.


· The estimated cost of building the wall is far higher than what Trump is suggesting. It is Americans who will bear the tax burden for building the wall.

· The wall will pass through regions that are full of immigrants.

· Illegal immigration will still remain a big challenge. The wall will symbolize racism and discrimination.

How Will Donald Trump’s Wall Affect Mexico and U.S Relations?

A growing rift has developed between Mexico’s Enrique Pena Nieto and Donald Trump as we could see by the Mexican president cancelling his scheduled trip to the US. Despite the Mexican president categorically saying that it will not pay for the border wall Trump keeps on insisting it will do so. Such contradictions put the Mexican president on the defensive back at home. Trump has proposed a 20{512b763ef340c1c7e529c41476c7e03bc66d8daea696e1162822661d30dde056} border tax on all Mexican imports aimed at financing the construction of the wall. Despite leading Mexican experts saying the cost of that proposal would pass the burden to the American consumer, such a move would be disastrous for the Mexican economy which has become deeply entwined in the NAFTA agreement of 1994.

How A Border wall Would Hurt the U.S Economy

It is estimated that trade in goods and services between Mexico and the U.S was worth $583.6 billion as of 2015. Sealing off the border would prevent Mexican shoppers who spend billions of dollars shopping inside the U.S. This will also hurt several Mexican towns which rely on American tourism.

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