Stupidity Vs Ignorance – The Scourge of the Entitlement Generation

If you're born between 1978 and 1994 – sit up straight and read this. Then after you have read it, make sure you understand it. If you don't, read it again until it sinks in. The "Entitlement Generation" – have been described as impatient, self-serving, disloyal, unable to delay gratification – in short, feeling that they are entitled to everything without working for it.

This is even worse if these individuals work in organizations that are constantly moving forward always with the best interests of its team at heart. What we hear is the whining and winging that drowns out the efforts of companies who want to help and are helping these individuals. But you know what they say about empty vessels making the most noise – little wonder why these ignorant people are so blind to the security they're given and the pay rise extended in a time when cut backs and price hikes are happening. This is just plain stupid and idiotic.

In light of the recent fiasco with the oil hike, I increased some salaries, mileage claims and opened doors for employment opportunities. But then there will always be certain individuals who think that the grass is greener on the other side. But that's ok. It's fine. I will be the first one to encourage my people to look for better opportunities anywhere they feel can offer them a better life.

There are some employees who believe and act as if they are more deserving than others at work without "paying their dues" – aren't willing to do the grunt work necessary to learn the job, but they sure want the perks I don't know where these people come off thinking they are entitled to things it took me 20 years to get. You got to be pretty stupid to think that. And forget the bull shit saying that you just need to work smart and not hard. That is rubbish! There is NO SUCH thing as not working hard! We MUST work hard before we can ever think about working smart.

I can understand it perfectly well if someone leaves a job for something better – but to leave a great job for a government position – earning a fraction of what they were earning before? It boggles the mind. There's nothing secure about government jobs by the way – so don't think that it's going to save you. But then again, it's probably a great place for the entitlement generation to be.

Those infected by 'Entitlementitis' an illness, reported more tense relationships and even higher levels of workplace depression. Little wonder why you have long faces greeting you and dead voices answering phones at government organizations that is absolutely ridiculous.

I don't feel sad for myself or my team when an employee leaves for greater things. As a matter of fact, I will be happy for them as I have prepared them well for bigger things in life. But I feel that people are sometimes pretty ignorant when they leaves a supportive and successful environment of my organization for something that can collapse at any time. Is this what living dangerously is all about? Nope. I think it's living stupidly.

What are a few years of long hours and 8 day work weeks going to do – kill you? So what if your spouse nags about you working so hard? Stick your guns and persevere – they will soon see the results. Never give up a true opportunity for a transient solution to regular work hours and mindless pencil pushing and six tea breaks in a day. These individuals will not put up with the ambiguity that saturates most work settings. If they don't know where they can get, how to get there, and what it will get them, they are not going to 'buy in' to the objectives of the company.

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