Shouldn’t Elected Officials SERVE Constituents?

Nearly every poll, indicates the public, regardless of their political affiliation, beliefs, or socio – economic status, has a somewhat negative perception, and opinion, of most of their political, elected officials. They witness, what appears to be a need for common sense, and actions taken, are totally, to the contrary! One would think, for example, the party with control of the Executive branch, as well as both houses of Congress, would be introducing solutions, which serves needs of their constituents, rather than focusing on politics – as – usual, which is why, there is such a negative perspective, in the first place! After months, for example, of introducing extremely unpopular legislation, regarding health care, rather than evaluating why, it still fails, and attributing blame, shouldn’t they see, how they might fix and tweak the existing law, and truly serving the needs of the nation, and voting public? This article will briefly review, using the mnemonic approach, what it means, and why. public officials, should SERVE constituents (and their needs), rather than playing party politics!

1. Stronger; sustainable system: The first consideration should, consistently, be, whether any changes, will focus on making the nation, stronger, and best serve, the interests of their constituents! Far too often, we witness, quick fixes, which politicians believe are popular, rather than conceiving of, creating, developing and executing the best plan/ approach, to achieve a quality, priorities – based, sustainable system!

2. Energize; emphasis; excellence: How will you achieve what needs to get done, if you fail to motivate and energize, those you are elected to represent and serve? Will your emphasis be, on needs, priorities, perceptions and goals, or politics – as – usual? Will you strive for excellence, or settle for good – enough?

3. Reality; relevant; rational; rationale: Why do so few politics, make the jump/ transformation, to true statesmen, after they are elected? Why do so many seem to avoid reality, rather than face the facts, and develop solutions, to obstacles, needs and challenges? We need individuals who are rational, quality thinkers, as well as willing to thoroughly, explain their rationale, not merely to their satisfaction, but to, that, of those they represent!

4. Views; vibrant, vital vision: Examine whether your representative appears to possess any original views and/ or ideas, or focuses, primarily on toeing the party – line! We should seek individuals with a vibrant, vital vision, focused on addressing needs, goals and priorities!

5. Empathy: How often do we witness, someone, willing to listen more, and speak less. Taking an in – depth view, trying to better understand and relate, and creating an approach to address these perceptions, etc, positions an individual, to possess the necessary, but rarely witnessed, empathy!

Demand your public officials SERVE those they represent, and not their personal political strategy! Why is this, so rare?