Shirdi Darshan for Government Employees

For the government employees, the Shri Saibaba Sansthan Trust (SSST) steps up the swiftness of Darshan (virtual heavenly visit). They get quick access to the sanctum sanctorum. This is a worth welcoming move taken by the Saibaba temple management. The Indians working in various departments of central or state administrations will not have to stand in long queues anymore. They are simply allowed to enter Shirdi Temple directly. Such persons will not at all have to line up for the Saibaba shrine entry even in future.

For retired government employees or senior citizen, the SSST takes responsibility of serving them water, tea, coffee, milk and biscuits from time to time during the time they stand in line for darshan. This facility is being made available to those pensioners devoted to SaiBaba only who are unable to stand longer in queues.

Henceforth, entering Saibaba Shrine would not be any problem for people working in different public sector institutions. They can apply for special darshan pass. These special Shirdi Darshan for Government Employees and VIP passes are obtainable from P.R.O. (Public Relation Office) located nearby the temple. The new facility is going to help government servants skip queues and get direct entry into temple.

Shirdi is one of the India’s 10 richest shrines in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra. Lucky ones can snap up opportunity to go along their elderly retired government family member as the SSST gives permission to one person escort her/him. The gate no. 3 is serving special purpose. Such devotees enter through the gate on the left hand side which brings to Mukh Darshan as well. Another entrance on the right side is used for the senior citizens of any type Indians or non-Indians or public sector servants. This entry is special during peak periods in particular. Devotees get direct entry into the Samadhi shrine through a special gate opposite the former Udhi Distribution Room.

They go for darshan with disabled persons, citizens and other VIPs. All through festival seasons, including weekends i.e., Saturday and Sunday, they get special entry pass to go in the temple through gate meant for VIPs/senior citizens/Disabled/Government employees.

A majestic Palkhi (Palanquin) program is pulled out on every Thursday at 09:15p.m.

In normal periods, when there is not much rush, the Darshanathree (devotee/s) are allowed directly inside the main temple through the entry opposite to the Announcement Room next to the old shoe stand area. This is a special entry gate for VIPs. Step a few stairs down where other pass holders join you to reach Baba’s Samadhi Sanctum.

For darshan passes and guidance, contact to the PRO office. The official working beings at a specific timing. The timings of purchasing passes are:

· 07:30-11:00a.m.

· 02:30- 05:00 p.m.

· 07:30-10:00p.m

With these special passes, Shirdi Darshan for government employees get darshan opportunity as they are given direct entry to the temple from a separate gate by which they cut out the long standing in queues. So Shirdi Darshan for government employees is simple and easy.

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