Search Engine Optimization: Why Isn’t Anyone Buying Your Offers?

When you talk about search engine optimization, you’re just not referring to strategies that are intended to make ranking easy and effective for your website. You also have to carry out techniques that will allow you to get good conversions. Even if your site is one page one of Google and other search engines, if it’s not converting well, it’s still useless.

A lot of people do search engine optimization effectively but they’re still wondering why is it that their visitors are hardly buying their offers. The answer is easy and that’s because they are usually boring their prospective customers. You have to be unique with the way you do your marketing instead of using the same approach that everybody else is doing. Doing the same thing that others are doing is pretty much the same as shouting out “me too, me too”. By being unique like houston seo experts, you will be able to set yourself apart from your competitors and thus; you will give people a strong reason to do business with you over the others. If you have something different from the others, you will always spark up interest from your customers.

Are you putting content on your site’s pages that looks, reads, feels, and sounds similar to the ones that your competitors are using? Then, you’re being really effective there my friend. You’re being effective at killing your prospects’ interest in your business. When people look for something online, they usually go to more than just one site. If they happened to drop by your site after one of your competitor’s and they pretty much saw the same contents, they won’t bother to pay attention to you and to your web pages. A lot of business owners nowadays go for the usual thing by getting ads; using marketing messages; and websites that are virtually twins of what their competitors have. Some of these marketing materials are copied word for word and the only difference is the name of the company being advertised. This is a business killer strategy that you should never ever go for. Others go for local yellow books where they blabber about who they are and why they’re here. For Christ’s sake, that’s what everyone else is doing. If you go for this kind, you’re not only doing and missing the ball, you’re actually doing a swing and a miss without even having a ball in your hands and a ball to hit. In other words, you shouldn’t be standing on the plate at all.

Instead of answering the stupid questions that I’ve stated above, you should be answering the questions “why should I care?”, “why should I listen to you?”, and “what’s in it for me?” When you answer these questions, be specific by highlighting the main features of the products and services that you’re offering. Make what you have to offer stand out. Next, make use of testimonials from your previous satisfied customers. People are usually more confident to try something out if someone else has acted as a guinea pig for them.