Rockefeller Owl Mugs to Benefit Utica Humane Society

After the owl found in the Rockefeller Christmas tree from Oneonta stole the hearts of many, its popularity is starting to benefit a Utica humane society.

What You Need To Know

  • Mugs with Rockefeller the owl’s face are being sold, with proceeds being donated to Stevens-Swan Humane Society
  • They’re being sold online and in numerous Oneida County businesses
  • SSHS says the fundraiser is a major help, especially during the pandemic

“I said ‘what if we put that cute little face on the coffee mug and helped out the animals here at the Stevens-Swan Humane Society?’” said Jerry Kraus.

Kraus is a volunteer for the organization and created the mugs.

“And we put them out to some outlets, and boom, it took right off. So, just like the owl Rockefeller took flying off into nature, these mugs are flying off the shelves,” Kraus said.

All the proceeds from the mugs will go to Stevens-Swan. They’re available online and in several Oneida County businesses, and Kraus has already started restocking.

“Didn’t take much for word to get around, everybody seems to have fallen in love with Rockefeller the owl, and there’s a local connection coming from Oneonta to New York City, so people like that idea,” he said.

Those with Stevens-Swan said this fundraising effort is a major help, especially with the hardships brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“By having individuals in our community coming up with these fundraising ideas, is a way that these animals are remaining to be fed, and taken care of by the staff during the pandemic,” said Jackie Romano, a member of the SSHS Board of Directors.

The organization is also participating in the Staffworks Save a Life campaign, so buying a mug could make double the difference.

“So you basically doubling, and or you could say you’re tripling your gift today. So, say $10 will be $20, plus you’re giving a gift to a family member,” Romano said.

Participating organizations that reach $10,000 in donations have $10,000 matched through the campaign.

On top of the mugs, Rockefeller owl ornaments are also available online here.

The mugs are available at both Utica Coffee locations (in Utica and Clinton), Piggy Pats in Washington Mills, Max’s Print Shop in Marcy and at Stevens-Swan.

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