Relocating to Georgia? Where to Find a Job in Georgia

Georgia – State With a Vibrant Business Environment

Georgia is known to the world for being home to some of the world’s biggest brands. Coca Cola, CNN and The Home Depot are all companies that started with their base in Georgia and are still headquartered here. The state has a vibrant business culture and environment that is still attracting investments from all across the globe. If Georgia were to be a separate country, it would have been the twenty eighth largest economy in the world. That said, there is understandably a huge amount of people relocating to Georgia. More than 100,000 people move to the state each making Georgia among the top 10 fastest growing states in the U.S.

Living in Georgia

The cost of living in Georgia is lower than the average US metro area. The real estate is very affordable with the average price of a home currently $129,200 in the Atlanta area according the National Association of Realtors in Q1 of 2009. Georgia offers state of the art healthcare with its statewide network of 188 hospitals. The state is also home to the fourth largest education system in the US, which includes 13 state universities. The weather in Georgia is a classic with subtropical climates. The summers are nicely warm and the winters mild and pleasant. In summary, those relocating to Georgia can expect a relatively high quality of life with affordable living costs, good healthcare and education and nice weather.

Where to Find a Job in Georgia

Big Business in Georgia

Atlanta is the biggest metropolis in the state and the city that headquarters fifteen Fortune 500 companies and twenty six Fortune 1000 companies. Some notable brands that are present here apart from the ones mentioned above are UPS, SunTrust Banks, Southern Company and AFLAC. There are more than 1,700 companies in Georgia that are headquartered internationally. This has led to many foreigners relocating to Georgia. Since Georgia has such a variety of innovative companies and world-class brands it offers a unique and diverse array of job opportunities in virtually all industries. Some of the largest and most well known employers in Georgia job sites’ are listed below.

o Coca-Cola Company:

o The Home Depot:

o UPS:


Find a Job in Georgia Using Job Search Sites

Georgia is truly a land of opportunities offering variety of job options. Atlanta is the prime business hub and many of the job opportunities available in Georgia will be found there. There are companies advertising everywhere to attract qualified professionals. A great place to start perusing current Atlanta job openings is on the Internet for the shear sake of convenience.

Just visit some top job search sites and you will see hundreds of Georgia jobs online. Some of the best local job search sites online are listed below. Use this list as a starting point in your Georgia job search. To simplify your search and avoid missing possible job opportunities, make sure you sign up for email notifications when new jobs that match your specified criteria are posted.

o Beyond: Georgia Job Listings

o Georgia Jobs

o SimplyHired:

Where to Find Government Jobs in Georgia

The state also has a large number of Army, Navy and Air force bases which encourages the related industries to set up their shops here. Robins Air Force base located in Warner Robins, GA is the largest industrial complex in Georgia employing over 25, 000 people. Fort McPherson and Fort Gillem are two of the army bases there. They are both located in Atlanta. Atlanta also has the largest concentration of federal government offices outside of Washington D.C. making it an excellent location for those interested in a career in government. Learn more about the government bases and offices by visiting their sites.




o Centers for Disease Control & Prevention:

Where to Find Agriculture Jobs in Georgia

Georgia is also big on agriculture. The state produces poultry, pecans, peanuts, cotton, rye and more in huge quantities and this large-scale production been responsible for the establishment of big food processing companies in the state. The food processing industry currently employs more than 58,000 individuals in the state supporting 875 companies according to Georgia’s Food Processing Advisory Council. Timber is one of the major crops and hence furniture industry is another major contributor to the state’s economy. “The Peach State” also produces peaches of course, but ranks third in the country behind California and South Carolina for peach production – yet Georgia peaches are rumored to be the best tasting variety.

o Mission Foods:

o South Georgia Pecan Co:

Find Travel & Tourism Jobs in Georgia

The tourism industry has done well in Georgia with a coastline on the east, mountains in the north and subtropical weather towards the southern part of the state. Georgia receives more than 48 million visitors to the state each year, making it the seventh most visited state in the U.S. The state supplies more than 209,000 tourism jobs. Atlanta and Savannah are very hot areas for tourism in Georgia.

Georgia is also home to some of the largest airlines in the US. Some of the airlines headquartered here include Delta Airlines, World Airways and Atlantic Southeast Airlines. Visit the sites below to learn more about travel and tourism companies in Georgia and explore their job openings currently available.

o Delta Airlines:

o World Airways:

o Six Flags Over Georgia:

o The World of Coca-Cola:

Best of luck in your Georgia job search!

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