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Young teens are getting married because they feel that they cannot do without each other. This is what is happening to many families lately and parents feel they have no choice but to go along with it. Teens are growing up very fast and they may not have the skills to make it happen.

Becoming pregnant

Some teens are having sex at an early age of 12 and are becoming pregnant and having kids. Imagine kids having kids and many of them are having difficulty in taking responsibility for raising their children they are depending on their parents to help with buying food, rent, clothing and diapers for their children.

Government for assistance

Some are depending on the government for assistance to get the basic needs met. Moving from one parental aide to another is government for assistance for a young adults.

Verbal and physical abuse

Some teen marriages are toxic relationship with verbal and physical abuse with each other. Many teen have learnt how to verbally abuse their partner from their relationship with their parents and are bringing this into their new marriage.


The kids of the teens do not have a time schedule of eating or going to bed, and sometimes the parents want to hang out with friends and not take their responsibility serious. For some they have difficulties making their priorities clear and continue to do things as if they are still single.

Young teen’s brain is still maturing and they are working through the different steps of growth such as dealing with rebellion and taking responsibility to maintain a job and to budget their finances.

The stage is rebellion

Sometimes teens do not like to listen to their parents and feel they know more than their parents and this is a stage of their development. The stage is rebellion, it is a stage that many teen go through for them to break away from their parents and create a new identity for themselves, and this stage is similar to the two year old saying “no.”

Dealing with problems

Many teen do not want to be told what to do as they make their way to adulthood because they have had a lot from their parents and what they need is someone to be their for them any time they need help in dealing with some problems and not someone telling them what to do for that keeps them away from you.

To help teen who wants to get marry is to help them with different scenario (role playing) before it happens as a way of preparing them, one such example would be about communication, another, goal setting for short and long term goal, dealing with problems and how to deal with disagreement and come back on track. To help young teen who chooses to get married is to have a short and long term goals and a mentor to give them guidance to deal with the different problems that will come up.

Conclusion: Most teen marriages may not all last because their brains are still growing and they have not enough experience in life and the choices out there for them to make a decision to get marry.

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