Reasons why you need a motorcycle accident attorney

Reasons why you need a motorcycle accident attorney

In the United States, more than 90 thousand people get injured in motorcycle accidents each year. In some instances, the bike rider is to blame for the accident. However, in others, the other party is at fault, and the innocent rider of the motorcycle is left to cater for medical bills and injuries resulting from the accident they did not cause. That is why it is a good idea to hire an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer, such as a motorcycle accident attorney Seattle-located if you get involved in a motorcycle accident.

Regardless of whether you got injured in the motorcycle crash or not, you could be compensated for the damages caused to your bike, other vehicles, and you. Below are some benefits of hiring a motorcycle accident attorney.

Can determine whether you qualify for compensation

Sadly, there are instances when you will be ineligible for compensation after getting involved in a motorcycle accident. But regardless of whether you are to blame for the crash, you might be eligible for a small token that you may use in repairing your bike and catering for injuries you sustained.

A skilled motorcycle accident lawyer can notify you on whether you qualify for any compensation and assist you in securing the maximum possible settlement from the insurance company.

Can explain the legal claim filing process

If a motorcycle lawyer establishes that you are eligible for some compensation after a motorcycle accident, he or she will explain to you the process of filing a compensation claim. In some cases, it is just negotiating for a fair offer with an insurer, while in others, it may need you to file a lawsuit in court.

Can establish the facts regarding your case

After you have decided to engage a motorcycle accident attorney, he or she will take time to collect the necessary facts to support your claim. He or she will contact insurers to know what they are thinking regarding the crash.