Reasons Why Organizations Need an EDMS

EDMS stands for Electronic Document Management Systems which is basically a system used to store electronic files and documents. Manual systems of managing documents were slow, taxing, and was often confusing. This led to a lot of problems for an organization. The amount of time it took to retrieve a particular document cost an organization precious labor hours that could have been used to do something more productive.

EDMS make it a lot more convenient for organizations to manage their own documents. What makes EDMS so appealing is that the documents are centralized; all documents are digitally stored in one large repository. Below are just some of the few reasons why EDMS are seeing widespread adoption among organizations.

Reason # 1 Ease of access

Once upon a time people had no computers. During this era people had to sift through information manually. This also meant that the human factor played a very large role. A person's mistake often led to misplaced documents, or worse, lost documents. The amount of time it took to look for something depended on how well a person new the document, and if the previous person who used it did not lose or misplace it.

One of the main reasons why organizations love electronic document management systems is that there is no human error. Well there is, but it's more or less limited to the human error of a typo. The computer does all the searching and storing. Files can be retrieved by matching text or certain Meta data about the document. Best of all, finding a document is as fast as it is easy.

Reason # 2 Well organized documents helps to keep the government away

This is more of an indirect benefit from having an EDMS in place. Government regulations are always strict. Failure to comply can lead to disastrous results like fines, or worse, the complete shutdown of business operations.

One of the amazing things about EDMS is that it not only keeps an index for the documents, but also an archive. The archive keeps track of all users who have viewed a document, when it was created, who has edited and when and so on. The amount of information being recorded by electronic document management systems is amazing. One could see this benefit as something that helps avoid trouble, and not necessarily something that improves the overall performance of an organization.

Reason # 3 The savings

Organizing and managing all the documents that an organization accumulates through its business practice is expensive. There's no arguing around that. This is especially true during the early days. Everything was a hard copy back then, which meant that commercial space had to be devoted to the cabinets and documents. The cost of buying furniture and paper would only go up with time. The labor cost of organizing, managing and retrieving all of these documents also had no other direction to go than up.

An EDMS presents an alternative cost effective solution for an organization to manage all its documents. Properly implemented electronic document management systems will have a high front end cost, but the long term savings far outweigh the costs.

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