Reasons Why Farc Group Was Formed in Colombia

Why did Farc start? Farc is a guerrilla group that was started by Jacobo Arenas in the fifties when General Rojas and his party ruled Colombia in the forties. It was a group that resisted their rule and since then it has been considered as a group seeking terror in the country. Many people though wonder about the answer to the question, why did Farc start?

1. The first answer to the question why did Farc start was because it was connected with the Colombian Communist Party. The forties decade was called as the La Violencia period. Two hundred thousand people died during those years. The Liberal Party was toppled by a man named Gustavo Rojas. It controlled Colombia in the fifties. Rojas became the ruler and he offered peace to the groups including Farc that did not like his governance however resistance still continued. Rojas then created guerrilla groups so they can always control the whole state.

2. The second answer to the question why did Farc start was because Jacobo Arenas want to fight the General Roja’s group so they can gain the power of ruling over Colombia.

3. The third answer to the question why did Farc start was because of the restoration of Liberal group’s rule in Colombia in the latter years of the fifties decade. There were still Communist groups that gained power in several towns in Colombia. Some of the groups were headed by Marquetalla and Sumapaz. In the sixties the Colombian government wanted to stop the guerrilla groups and they launched a massive assault against them. The communist groups were forced to fight back and Sumapaz and Marquetalla became the rulers of those groups.

4. The fourth answer to the question why did Farc start was because of the ideologies they wanted to fight for. One of those ideologies was resisting the government’s abusive control over the country. However in the eighties this ideology was no longer the commitment of the group. Many people discovered that Farc became involved in the business of selling drugs. It was involved in a massive trade of illegal drugs. The group used the money they gained from it as a the capital for all their activities.

Today Farc has twelve thousand members. The group has remained in the southeastern part of Colombia specifically in the forests there. There are some members who have decided to reside near the Andes Mountain. The Cuban and the Venezuelan government do not consider Farc as a terrorist party. The group is also involved in kidnapping activities.

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