Prince William’s hopes society can ‘build waste-free world and fix our climate’

The Duke of Cambridge has told of his hopes that we can “build a waste-free world and fix our climate”.

Prince William today launches an online talk for ideas group TED, to inspire people to join his environmental crusade.

In the US organisation’s virtual conference devoted to the climate crisis, William will say: “The shared goals for our ­generation are clear.

“Together we must protect and restore nature, clean our air, revive our oceans, build a waste-free world and fix our climate.

“And we must strive to do all of this in a decade.

“If we achieve these goals by 2030 our lives won’t be worse, and we won’t have to sacrifice everything we enjoy. Instead, the way we live will be healthier, cleaner, smarter and better.”

The Duke of Cambridge’s TED Talk, which was recorded in the grounds of Windsor Castle

William, 38, this week appeared in ITV documentary A Planet For Us All and launched his Earthshot project.

The film crew followed him for two years as he discussed coastal issues in Norfolk, close to the Sandringham estate, the illegal wildlife trade in Africa and visits to a Merseyside school to urge kids to be more aware of the climate crisis.

And his Earthshot scheme – backed by former US President Barack Obama and Sir David Attenborough – will split a £50million funding pot between 50 ideas to solve environmental problems over the next 10 years.

Prince William has launched a TED talk on his hopes for the future
The Cambridge family with sir David Attenborough

William said: “These are grave times for the environment.

“But I do believe with human ingenuity and with younger generations speaking up like they are now, that they will not stand for this lack of hope, with this lack of idea that we can’t fix some of these big solutions.”

The Duke added that he feels the world is at a “tipping point” and he wants to “hand the planet in a better state then we found it” to his children and grandchildren.

TED – which stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design – is a non-profit organisation that posts inspirational talks online for free. William’s full talk will be available on YouTube tonight at 8.20pm.

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