Peak Oil and Other Doom, Gloom, and Dire Predictions Which Just Aren’t So!

Some time back in the 1970s someone introduced the term; peak oil. What they were saying was; we were running out of oil in the world, and if we continued down that path there would be shortages. Indeed, there were shortages, and they were created by OPEC, environmentalists, and bureaucrats. But we didn't run out of oil, we simply found more, and we are finding more as time goes on. Yes, some of it is harder to get at, and we have gone through the resources of the most easy to get oil.

Still, we've developed new ways to get oil out of the ground, and these new strategies will help us maintain the resources and fossil fuels we need to power up our civilization. The other day I was discussing this with an alternative energy guru, and someone who has some innovations in clean energy technologies. Again, he tried to use the same scare tactic that they used in the 1970s when he stated;

"There is no appreciable carbon that will be available within 160 years (nor much nuke fuel either)."

Once he said that, I chuckled, because I know how this game works. Once someone screams; scarcity, or emergency, or crisis, all the suddenly the taxpayers are on the hook for subsidies, tax credits, and more deficit spending by the federal government. Nevertheless, I asked him a simple question about his statement;

Why is that, do you think we are running out of Uranium in the solar system? Maybe folks are worried about the dwindling helium supplies used in the cooling process, but I'm not. Besides there is new technology which lets us spend those spent fuel rods down to almost nothing, solves the storage issue, it's almost time to let that new tech come into play.

We have a lot of coal, a lot of natural gas, and we'll have lots of oil with the new strategies being deployed, it's just a matter of cost, but as that cost increases then is wind generation viable, because right now it's not really economically feasible without big up-front money from politically correct socialists. Being from Maine, and because he was developing offshore wind technologies my acquaintance stated;

"So it's silly to think we are not going to perfect and use cost effective wind power. In Maine we sure won't allow another nuke plant, and wind is our best option to not import carbon fuels and employ Maine people and achieve a sustainable future. "

The reality is wind is not an option, because the wind is unreliable, and does not blow all the time. There is no way we can power up our civilization with wind power and solar alone. And even if we could, the cost would be prohibitive, the return on investment quite poor, and it would mean incredibly high energy costs which would destroy our economic base and industrial might. But whereas, that is true, and what I'm saying comes with facts behind it, my acquaintance used the boomerang technique and stated;

"All energy sources will need to be used to sustain a modern society, or else it fails."

Obviously, but we don't have an energy crisis in the United States, we have a problem with alternative energy folks who treat it like a religion, and they want to shut down anything that runs on fossil fuels, or anything that they are unsure of such as nuclear power. Indeed, we are already doing pretty well if we can keep the government from intervening or what Adam Smith warned us about when big government gets busy performing oral copulation with industry cartels. Please consider all this and think on it.

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