Parties That May Be Liable For a Truck Accident

A thorough investigation is crucial in most truck accidents to establish what happened and why. A review of the evidence indicates that more than one party was held accountable due to the crash. Together or individually in various combinations, such parties include:

Truck Driver

A truck driver may be responsible for the occurrence of an accident due to negligent behavior such as fatigue, speeding, or distracted driving. Criminal charges which ultimately lead to conviction are generally imposed on the at-fault driver. According to legal professionals from the Kuzyk Law firm, it is the trucker’s responsibility to inspect the rig to ensure proper loading of cargo and maintenance to ensure it is in good condition. If a cargo shift or a maintenance problem causes a truck accident, the truck driver is held liable and responsible for the crash.


A trucking company is usually responsible for the truck drivers and trucks it puts on the roads. It includes accountability for training and hiring practices, which may present a problem if the company employs drivers with driving rule infractions on their records or if the records from the company do not show proper training. Sometimes employee interviews and carrier records show that a company may push employees to help in saving money by cutting corners on truck maintenance, hours of service limits, and maintenance requirements.

Cargo Shipper And Loader

Those carriers working as contractors to move cargo for other companies usually transport sealed cargo and handle it with great care the whole time. Individual parties partisan to such an arrangement, including the shipper, loader, cargo originator, and transporter, are held liable when negligent. If the cargo shifts or experiences related problems, records from every party involved, including the carrier, must be examined.

Other Vendors

Various vendors take outsourced work depending on the overall size of the carrier’s operation. It includes administrative work, including conducting background checks and drug and alcohol tests, repair and dispatching work, truck maintenance, and other fleet operations.

Truck Manufacturers And Parts Makers

Those accidents result from the truck or the failure of its parts, including brake failures, problems with coupling and steering systems, and tire blowouts. Maintenance issues could cause it, but if the failed system or component were defective initially, a liability claim would seek to hold the distributor and manufacturer responsible.

Government Agencies And Contractors

If a roadway hazard, including broken pavement and soft shoulder, contributes to the rollover of a truck, the state or local government responsible for the highway stretch is usually held accountable. A maintenance contractor hired by the government and is negligent is held liable if the work they performed causes a problem or if the setup work zone contributes to a crash.

Truck Owners

In various cases, the trucking company or the driver may not be the truck’s owner. A truck owner is usually a separate party who can be held liable if the negligence falls on their side. The owner is mandated to keep up on maintenance tasks, conduct regular inspections, safeguard engine function, maintain fluid levels, and perform other duties to ensure the vehicle is safe. Truck owners who fail to do the recommended work are held responsible via a truck accident claim.

Passenger Vehicle Drivers

A smaller passenger vehicle, including a light truck or sports utility vehicle (SUV), may be responsible for the collision involving a large commercial trailer. A car that is indirectly or directly involved is usually held liable. For instance, a car driver making an illegal turn may collide with a truck and directly cause an accident. In other scenarios, if the SUV driver cuts off the truck driver, causing them to lose control, then speed away, they are held liable even if they did not get involved physically in the accident.

Individuals who sustain injuries in a truck accident should hire a seasoned legal practitioner to secure compensation. Hire an attorney who devotes time and effort to clients to ensure the case has a successful outcome.

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