Out-Of-This-World Costumes For the “Rosw-alien” Experience

Looking for a place to land and let your freak flag wave? Try the "Roswell UFO Festival" in New Mexico that happens at the beginning of each July. With the alleged 1947 UFO landing, recovery of alien corpses, and subsequent government cover-up as the impetus, this long-running festival has something for every being, terrestrial or not. From serious-natured symposiums on the existence of life beyond Earth and black-tie galas to a tongue-in-cheek BBQ cook-off where a prize is awarded to the best recipe for "how to cook an alien", this four-day event is a wonderfully outrageous overload of outer space.

Two of the most popular events are the UFO Festival Parade and the costume contest. This is where you will see some of the most amazing sights and will make you think of the phrase "you're from another planet" in a whole new way. Prizes are awarded for the scariest costume, TV and movie alien costumes, and most creative costumes. There is even a category for your interplanetary canine friend. These are not your typical Halloween costumes, many are elaborately designed and handmade – you know this must be the banner event of the year for these UFO enthusiasts.

If you are heading to the UFO Festival some time soon, you'll need to get a head start on your alien costume. In terms of sheer simplicity, just order a tube of green face paint from the costume shop and add a pair of Martian antennae. Or, you can dress as the stereotypical Roswell alien corpse in a white outer space costume with the oval head and dark, sunken and oversized eyes – just don't pass out, you may end up in some hidden government morgue.

Television and movie aliens abound. Kids will have a blast in a green alien costume from the movie Toy Story – you know, the little green guys piled up in the crane game at the Pizza Planet! Sure to be big at the next Roswell UFO Festival and for Halloween costumes everywhere are the characters from the blockbuster movie, Avatar . These feline-like aliens have blue skin, long tails and hypnotic yellow-green eyes. Other ideas for men's and women's costumes include any of the non-mortal characters from any of the Star Wars movies , Star Trek movies , or Disney's Monsters and Aliens.

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