Obama Grants for Unemployed Single Mothers

Single mothers face a lot of hassles to meet the needs of her family with the meager income level they have. This can be a more frightening situation if the mother is unemployed and has a full family to support. Unemployment can be a disastrous situation in this ever rising economy where you need to worry about fulfilling the necessities of your children like housing, food, education, healthcare, emergency situations, utility bills etc.

President Obama has initiated many grant programs that give away free money to unemployed single mothers to fulfill their basic needs for standard living. These are financial gifts from the government and do not require to be paid back! So why worry now, start applying and enjoy your motherhood.

Obama Emergency Cash Assistance

Unemployed mothers run the risk of financial loss or insufficient bank balance in times of sudden emergency situations. US offers federal grants, free money, assistance programs, grants by Obama to monetarily help mothers, enabling them to meet their crisis situation. Some essential grants to avail are:

· Temporary Assistance for Needy Families

· WIC (Women, Infants and Children)

· Emergency Cash Assistance

· Unemployment Insurance Coverage

· Disaster Unemployment Assistance

· Self Employment Assistance

· Tax Benefits

Obama Housing and Rent Assistance

To serve the rental needs of unemployed mothers, President Obama and the housing department offers housing, home purchasing, rent payment, subsidy, mortgage, foreclosure assistance through HUD, USDA and Public Housing rental programs. These grants accomplish the housing needs of unemployed mothers thereby, offering a secured and independent living. The programs include:

· Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program

· HOME Investment Partnership Program

· Public Housing Program

· Fair Housing Initiatives Program

· Public Housing Family Self-Sufficiency

· Community Development Block Grant Program

· Resident Opportunity and Self-Sufficiency Programs

· Healthy Homes and Lead Hazard Control Programs

· Tenant Resource Network

· Grants from states and local municipalities

Obama Utility Bills Assistance

Even meeting with the exorbitant utility bills and weatherization needs is unaffordable for unemployed moms. For a secured and healthy living standard the government furnishes grants that compensate the bills and also give away cash to keep availing the services even with dearth of money. The Obama certified utility grants are:

· Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) Grant

· LIHEAP Crisis Program

· The Weatherization Assistance Program

· Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP)

Obama Educational Assistance

Unemployed single mothers need to continue their education to attain higher degrees for better and permanent jobs, high paying salary and proper growth. Hence, the government offers educational grants, scholarships, cash assistance and loans to jobless mothers to help them pursue their education for a better standard of living. There are even private foundations that offer educational assistance.

· Federal Pell Grants

· Federal Supplemental Educational opportunity Grants

· ‘Moms Return to School’ Government Grant Scholarship Program (MRSGGS)

· American Association of University Women

· State Based Grants

· Federal Work Study-Program

· Scholarship Programs

Start applying for the Obama grants for single unemployed mothers to help with their financial limitations.

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