New Moon in Libra, Renew Your Relationships

This New Moon at 11 degrees of Libra is extremely intense because it is activating a Grand Cross in the heavens.

Added to this mix, Mercury is now in Scorpio, and we are seeing the stubbornness of opposing factions in US politics who couldn't come to an agreement. This resulted in the shutdown of the US government. The US is building up towards a crisis. If the parties cannot come to an agreement before October 17th about the debt ceiling, we will see shock waves reverberate around the world that will undoubtedly affect the global economy.

With oppositions and squares in cardinal signs, we're going to see actions that stimulate a crisis.

The polarisation in the heavens is playing out in US politics.

Where is this polarisation occurring in your life? What parts of yourself do you need to accept and love and stop fighting with them? What needs to be integrated?

Out of every crisis can be the seeds of an opportunity.

The square from this New Moon to Pluto will probably trigger some intense emotions within you and this is a great time to examine your relationships and see if anything is out of balance. What or whom to you need to let go of in order to start afresh?

With this New Moon, this is a great time to plant intentions in your relationships. Because Libra is ruled by Venus there will be an increased desire for love, harmony and peace in your life at this time.

Good questions to ask yourself are: How can I have more balance in my relationships?
How can I find more beauty in the world around me?
How do I nurture, love, give and receive love?

Some of your relationships may be tested. Some may drift away, with others you may make stronger bonds. If this New Moon is occurring in your 7th house of relationships, you might have to be blunt, more direct with someone. Libra does not like conflict and much prefers nicey nicey, but you may have to risk the relationship and say what is on your mind.

We are in the build-up to the eclipse season when on October 18th and November 3rd we'll have a lunar eclipse in Aries and a solar eclipse in Scorpio, so events are accelerating and picking up speed. I'll go into more detail about the eclipses over the next few months, but with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse coming up in 2 weeks in Aries, both Libra and Aries will be activated in your chart.

Look at them as a pair. For example, if your 1st and 7th houses are being stimulated, your identity and how you relate to others will be the main theme.

In my chart, my 2nd and 8th houses are being triggered, so I'm looking at my values ​​and my distinguished. I am looking at enhancing the one room that I am living in. For the last several months, instead of curtains, I have used some pieces of material that I hang up every night on nails on the window frames. The lighting in the room isn't really sufficient for long periods of work and study, and I would really like a carpet to take the chill off the floor. These are things that will improve the way I feel in my room and are a priority for me now. They won't cost much, but they will make a difference in the way I feel, so they are worth doing. They haven't been a priority before, but with this New Moon in Libra coming up, they are now!

If it's activating your 3rd and 9th houses, it will relate to communication, local events, anything having to do with the law and court cases.

If it's activating your 4th and 10th houses, you will have an opportunity to re-evaluate your home life, your stability, the people close to you and balance this with your career and your work.

In your 5th and 11th houses, it could affect your children, your business if you are self employed, dealing with large groups of people or on a team.

For your 6th and 12 houses, it could affect your health, your work, anything on a subconscious plane, your dreams, and any unresolved inner conflicts.

Libra craves beauty and harmony. Do something uplifting. It's a good time to do anything artistic, creative, go to the movies, the theater, a concert, make something beautiful, give someone a flower.

Reach out and make eye contact with as many people as you can. Smile from your heart at them and give them a feeling of appreciation and love. It really does not matter whether you get a smile back, what's most important is that you are reaching out to others and connecting, no matter who they are. In this process, you will feel much better inside of yourself.

Even though it may not always seem like it, we are all connected. Each day, as I go about my business, I try to see that spark of divinity in everyone I meet. No matter who I am interacting with, I am looking for the best in them and am sending them positive energy and love. This has made such a huge difference to my relationships.

And at the end of every day, just before I go to sleep, I evaluate my day and go over every single encounter. I ask myself, what could I have done better? What would I have done differently? By doing this before sleep, I find that I wake up with an increased awareness of my surroundings and the people I meet.

See what would work for you to connect more with people and to feel that spark of love for each and every person. It feels so good! We need more positive energy on our planet to see us through these turbulent times. If we can go viral with this, together we have the power to turn things around.

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