My Husband Did Not Want Kids

When my ex and I got married right out of college, we thought that we were doing the right thing. We had been dating for two years, and we waited until we graduated to tie the knot. We were married for nearly a year when I found out I was pregnant. I was thrilled, but he was not so happy. He wanted to get established in his new job first. He later told me that he didn’t even want kids, which completely floored me. I decided to contact a Austin divorce lawyer when our daughter was a year old, because I knew that our relationship could not be salvaged.

I thought that as my pregnancy advanced, things would change. I then thought that when our daughter was born, he would melt at the sight of her. He was at the hospital with me, but he wouldn’t even hold her. We started growing apart after her birth, and I knew that I was not going to live the rest of my life that way, and I sure was not going to put my precious daughter through that kind of life either. I knew that I needed some help though, because I was not yet established in the work world because of my marriage and pregnancy.

Though young, my husband had a very good job already, and I wanted to make sure that he was going to pay child support. I was still hoping that she would melt his heart, but that never happened. What did happen was I had a great divorce lawyer who helped me get what I needed to make sure my daughter is taken care of, and I won’t even have to go and find a job until she starts school. My daughter is going to grow up knowing just how much she is loved, even if I have to do it on my own.