Minimization of Human Wants Is the Only Way to Cleanse the Society of All Kinds of Corruption

Mahatma Gandhi once said ” There is enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for a single person’s greed “. This statement is so easily applicable to today’s world. With time, humans have evolved and so have their demands. A few decades ago, people’s aim in life was simple – to have enough to fulfill their basic needs and live a content life. But in today’s modern era, people’s aim has become to earn more and more money, even though it may or may not bring happiness to them. Then people used to work hard to get two square meals a day but today everyone wants to go to five star hotels. With advancing technologies, our demands have increased rapidly, and as a result, today this world is full of greed. Everyone just wants to earn more and more money, no matter how.

All that the people see is money today, and then comes right and wrong. They will do anything for money, till they get the right price. If we put a torch on our life, we will see many occasions where our greed blindfolded us, making us do the things we regret and know are wrong. But moreover, this deadly greed has made our nation to suffer from a chronic disease called corruption, yes my friends a chronic disease, as it is slowly and slowly eating the soul of our nation.

Gone are the days when ‘honesty is the best policy’ was applicable to the daily life, this is the time of ‘ money is the best policy’. Greed has blindfolded our people in such a way that the real growth of our nation is completely hampered. Few centuries ago, India was the richest nation in the world, but today it ranks among most poor nations. The greed has taken the sense of judgement away from us. This world has now become more materialistic than ever, Today, if allowed, we all will happily trade our soul with money. Corruption is hampering India’s growth, but corruption takes place due to money. Money is needed to fulfill our greed, greediness arises as the people want more and more things today, So finally, we can say that human wantness is the main culprit behind corruption. So in order to stop the growing corruption, we need to decrease our wants. So friends, only and only we can stop corruption and glorify our nation again, its now or never…