Michigan Unemployment Benefits Website – A Storehouse Of Information

If a Michigan resident becomes unemployed due to no fault of his own, he can get information about getting employment or Michigan unemployment benefits by visiting the Michigan unemployment benefits website, michigan.gov/uia.

This website is a storehouse of information regarding how to claim unemployment benefits. It provides detailed tax information especially regarding tax deductions that might be made from the benefits, details of the unemployment insurance agency of the state, and how they are calculated by the Michigan unemployment office. It also gives valuable tips about how to minimize or completely avoid income tax on the benefits.

Unemployment insurance benefits for the unemployed in Michigan have been designed to give only temporary relief till such time the person takes up new employment. An unemployed person should either visit the Michigan unemployment benefits website or go to the Michigan unemployment office to get detailed information on the procedures to claim benefits or to gain fresh employment.

If a person visits the office, there are computers with internet connections that can be used to look for jobs in Michigan. The unemployed individual can also prepare his resume and file the same. The office will try and match the resume with the available positions based on the experience and skills that the person possesses.

Filing Unemployment Benefit Claims

Claims for unemployment benefits should be filed during the first week of unemployment. This can be done by visiting the Michigan unemployment benefits website or by going to the Michigan unemployment office. The unemployed person can either file a new unemployment claim or reopen an existing one. The website works from 7:00 a.m. Monday through 7:00 p.m. Saturday. The claim can also be filed on telephone by calling UIA’s telephone filed claims (TFC) number 1-866-500-0017. This is a toll free number but the claims can only be filed according to a schedule that is provided in the website.

Once the claim is filed, the person will receive a mail giving information regarding whether he will qualify on the basis of the wages that he has earned. He will also be informed about the total weekly benefits amount and the period (in weeks) for which he can get the benefits. A separate notice will be sent if there are problems regarding eligibility for the unemployment claims.

Detailed information regarding rights and responsibilities with respect to the benefits will also be sent by the Michigan unemployment benefits website. Any person seeking the benefits in Michigan must be unemployed. He should be actively looking out for suitable full-time work and he should be capable and available for the same. The person can choose to receive his benefits either by direct deposit to his bank account or through a debit card.

Amount of Unemployment Benefit

The calculation of the amount of the benefit is done by the UIA staff. The highest amount of wages paid to a person in any base period quarter is multiplied by 4.1 percent. An amount of $6 is added for every dependent that he claims, subject to a maximum of five dependents. The maximum amount of weekly benefit is capped at $362. The number of weeks for which it can be claimed is calculated by multiplying the person’s total base period wages by 43 percent and then dividing that figure by the weekly benefit amount. The minimum period of claim is 14 weeks and the maximum period is 26 weeks.

Detailed information regarding all aspects of the benefits can be obtained from the Michigan unemployment benefit website.

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