Mental and Emotional Illness

A subject that seems to be taboo is mental and emotional illness.

If a person has a physical illness or handicap we are quick to show concern and understanding. It seems too many of us seem to feel emotional and mental illness is something to be ashamed of or avoided.

The world lacks understanding and empathy for mental and emotional illness. Too few of us realize that there are those who have suffered emotional and mental illness; that have contributed to the world in a way that centuries later their work is still preserved. An artist like Van Gogh is the perfect example.

It seems that who we choose to associate with reflects our own perception of which we are.

When it’s someone less than perfect we feel less than perfect through our association with him or her.

We expect people to do, act, and react in a certain way.

I wonder if we are angry at their imperfections or are the ones we see in our self.

Some people have panic attacks.

There is a lack of understanding or empathy.

We as a country have made mental and emotional illness into something to be ashamed of. So many people suffer many forms of emotional and mental illness but remain quiet, suffering alone to avoid being labeled.

People seem to believe they need to identify with perfect minds, bodies, faces, and mental and emotional well being.

Television and theater have captured our minds and thoughts of how we should be.

We are afraid to know who we really are.

No acting for me anymore; personally I’m ready to walk off stage, and just be true to myself.

Welfare and Disablity

To qualify for any type of government assistance, welfare, disability, housing, each person is carefully screened and needs proof of their situation.

Welfare has become a slave labor program,because the employers that hire people on welfare or exempt from paying min wage and also receive a tax break.

Anyone that works should be entitled to min wage according to our min .wage law,that is equal pay of min wage,regardless of race,nationality or handicap.

Our government breaks that law and allows others to do so when hiring persons who receive welfare .

To receive any type of disability be prepared for a very long hard battle.

Your personal medical records aren’t enough.

You are sent to the doctors who are hired by SS, and in their view you are capable of working.Going to court takes years and possibly more than one time for disabled to receive funds.

These needy people who have no means of transportation have endles appointments to go to for screening.

They can’t always rely on family or friends.

When you are in need you feel very alone and ashamed,sometime too embarrassed to ask for help.

Perhaps that is the cause of some suicides.

For those who believe that people can automatically receive money from the government do not know how well people are screened.

Than when you finally receive disability,it is about $574.00 a month.

Imagine living on that and also imagine not having any means of transportation.

People on government assistance live in proverty or below proverty level.Those who live on low income are ashamed because of society’s lack of acceptance people who receive government assistance .People that receive government assistance do so because of need often at the cost of their self respect, self esteem, pride and dignity.

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