Law of Attraction – How I Lost 20 Kg (44 Lbs) Of Fat in 90 Days With LOA and How You Can Too

Three years ago, I went through a very hard period of my life. But I managed to turn it around and gain a positive result from it.

One of the goals I obtained was to lose quite a lot of weight. 20 kg (44 lbs) over a period of only three months, and most of the weight loss stayed off permanently.

I have the Law of Attraction to thank for this victory, and if you are in a fight against your weight, you can win, too.

First of all, I decided to lose weight. I decided to lose a lot of fat in a short period of time, and to become good looking and attractive as fast as possible. I even put a time limit on my goal.

Then I took action. I cut down my food intake from large portions to small portions. Since I was going through this bad period, I didn’t want to enjoy myself. Not even when I was eating. So instead of eating for lust, I only ate enough to survive.

Every single day I also took a good walk. For at least 30 minutes I walked in a fast pace, whether it was raining, or the sun was shining. I did that to get away from my problems, to let the air in and clear my mind from negative thoughts. Through movements, I improved my mood.

I also did lots of meditations daily. Not about the weight loss, but about my problems. I feel certain, though, that breathing consciously and meditating contributed a lot to solve my weight problem, too.

Every morning I stood up on the scale, and I expected it to show 1 kg less than the day before. It wasn’t something I hoped for or wished for. It was something I expected.

Some mornings the weight hadn’t changed. Some mornings it was almost 2 kg’s less than before. Always the weight kept going in the right direction, which didn’t surprise me at all. I took it for granted, and never doubted it for a second.

After three months, I had lost 20 kg, which obviously is less than one kg per day, but I was satisfied with the result. The weight loss made me feel well, and that showed. As by a miracle, my bad times were over, things changed, and life was good again.

If you want to obtain a permanent weight loss with the help of the Law of Attraction, I recommend that you set a goal, do lots of meditations and visualizations, take action, and expect miracles to happen. They do, you know.