Islam: The Elephant in America’s Kitchen

There is an elephant in America’s kitchen, and it’s growing every day. It’s hard to understand why people keep feeding it. Our government leader’s feed it, our church leaders feed it and the news media, well, they force feed it. The elephant even has a name. Islam.

Islam’s actions are obvious and often, and very destructive to America’s ability to move around its kitchen. In Dearborn, Michigan, known these days as Dearbornastan, a Muslim man has filed suit against Little Caesar’s Pizza. A $100 million dollar suit by the way. Little Caesar’s sin? They delivered a pizza with pepperoni allegedly containing pork, a no-no for Sharia Law adherents. Sharia Law? Yep, this Muslim man is offended. The elephant eats.

Moving from Dearborn, we go east to New York City where a 21-year-old Queens College student, a Pakistani Muslim, called police with a harrowing tale of abduction and a hate crime; they were calling him a racist name and all while branding guns. A terrible experience for anyone. Except, when the NYPD started investigating they discovered it was all a hoax. The student made it all up. The elephant has a snack.

One borough over in Brooklyn, the Brooklyn Tech High School, has a prom coming up. And again, the elephant is hungry. The Muslim students demand concessions. Prom is going to fall during Ramadan, and the Muslims will be fasting. We should note here that there are no concessions for Jewish or Christian students. But, after a meeting the Muslim Student Association, yes, there is one, the Principal agreed they would never again have Prom during Ramadan, and they will not serve food to anyone at the Prom until after 9 PM when the Muslim Fast is over. The elephant scraps up another few bites of America’s freedoms.

Let’s move south to Jacksonville, Florida as many New Yorkers do. Daniel Pipes, writing in the National Review, he cites a plaque he saw in the Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens. He said he rubbed his eyes in disbelief as he read a plaque on an Islamic exhibit, celebrating the culture of the Ottoman Empire when it took over a renowned church in Istanbul. It read, “In addition to their renowned patronage of architecture, which yielded the conversion of the Church of Hagia Sophia in Istanbul into a congregational mosque… ” It struck Pipes as obscene. Was it the truth?

The Museum’s statement is far from the truth. The elephant was hungry again. As the Ottomans approached Pipes wrote the church was still thronged. The Holy Liturgy was ended, and the service of matins was being sung. At the sound of the tumult outside the huge bronze gates of the building were closed. Inside the congregation prayed for the miracle that alone could save them. They prayed in vain. It was not long before the doors were battered down. The worshippers were trapped. A few of the ancient and infirm were killed on the spot, but most of them were tied or chained together. Veils and scarves were torn off the women to serve as ropes. Many of the lovelier maidens and youths and many of the richer-clad nobles were almost torn to death as their captors quarreled over them.

Soon a long procession of ill-assorted little groups of men and women bound tightly together was being dragged to the soldiers’ bivouacs, there to be fought over once again. The priests went on chanting at the altar till they too were taken. But at the last moment, so the faithful believed, a few of them snatched up the holiest vessels and moved to the southern wall of the sanctuary. It opened for them and closed behind them, and there they will remain until the sacred edifice becomes a church once more.

Later that day when the Sultan arrived he insisted that the church should at once be transformed into a mosque. One of his ulema climbed into the pulpit and proclaimed that there was no God but Allah. He then mounted on the altar slab and did obeisance to his victorious God. The entire account displayed at the Museum is a lie. Why do good people continue to feed the elephant who is growing by the day? Why?

Let’s go back up the coast to New Jersey, where in the town of Basking Ridge, the citizens had been trying to prevent a Mosque from being built in their community. You see, after the World Trade Center attacks on 9-11, Basking Ridge did the politically correct thing and elected the first Muslim Mayor in America. Then came the plans for a Mosque to adorn a neighborhood that didn’t want a church of any kind. What do you think happened?

The people in the community made their voices heard, and the Township Board of Trustees voted the proposal down. In came CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the US Department of Justice and other Islamic groups who promptly sued the City, Township, and Board. A District Judge just ruled against the locals and ordered the Mosque to be built, and the local government has to pay the Islamists $3.25 million in damages. And the elephant grew like he was on steroids. But why?

America is the first nation on earth to establish a government by, for, and of the people. The first to believe in the unalienable rights of human beings. Is our elephant, Islam, compatible with the Constitution? It doesn’t seem so but lets not just take the examples from America’s kitchen; let’s take a look where Islam has already taken over the whole house, not just the kitchen.

We recently had a horrific terrorist attack, Islamic by the way, in Manchester, England. Killed and maimed many. The press immediately downplayed the attack, not wanting to name the perpetrator, and pretending like it was just a deranged individual. It turns out it was an Islamic terrorist, and the Mosque he attended in England did not report him to the authorities, which is normal. Now you know why the folks in Basking Ridge didn’t want a Mosque in their town.

Before we jump to conclusions, let’s look at countries where Islam is the majority, and they run things. How is their behavior when they’re in the majority? If we move to the news in Pakistan, a Court there just ruled a rape victim to be killed or sold into slavery, per Islamic law, because she was guilty of adultery as a result of the rape. The elephant in Pakistan is already huge.

In neighboring Afghanistan, a Ramadan celebration left 80 dead and 350 wounded in a bombing in the capital of Kabul. You see for some reason, justifiable to them when there are no infidels around they kill each other. And in the world’s kitchen, the elephant gets bigger and bigger. Then we have the Philippines, who bother no one, and nominally Islamic. The Islamists there are murdering people who cannot quote verses of the Quran. And in Egypt Christians who refuse to convert to Islam are dying at an alarming rate.

The question of the day is just how long will America’s willingly feed the elephant in our kitchen, knowing when he reaches critical mass, he’ll bust out of the kitchen and knock our house down. How long before churches stand up for what they say they believe and do what is right? How long before everyday citizens put down their cell phones and their video games and realize they’re about to be stomped on? How long until our elected leaders quit telling us what we want to hear and start doing what they are elected to do? How long? I don’t know, but I just saw the elephants trunk bust through a window. It won’t be long until we can no longer contain him.

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