Is JK Rowling a Master of the Law of Attraction and Wealth Affirmation?

Whether she is a conscious wealth attractor, or not Ms. Rowling has obviously attracted not just massive wealth, but fame, success and is a generous spirit. America loves a rags-to-riches story and I know I’ll be tuning in on Friday to hear all about what this remarkable woman has to share with Oprah. I’ve read that she’s somewhat at odds with her own religious experience. I haven’t heard whether she is a spiritual woman or not. She could think the Law of Attraction is a bunch of nonsense. Just the same, this woman progressed from a single mom living on welfare to a multi-millionaire in under five years.

In 1998, the Harry Potter books made J.K. Rowling the first self-made billionaire author in history. Just prior to that her publisher advised her to ‘keep her day job’ as there is “little chance of making money in children’s books.” One thing I know for sure, in order to attract and allow in success, wealth, (or any form of well-being), one must be a vibrational match to it. Apparently, J.K. Rowling has no internal conflicts with being wildly successful and wealthy. Perhaps we can learn something about attitude and wealth attraction J.K. Rowling visits with Oprah. We may be able to model how this woman’s journey went from welfare to billionaire.

The majority of us will not become billionaires. Many of us will not even become wealthy. And why not? Why is it so many struggle with wealth? So many struggle to simply make ends meet. There is an internal disconnect. If you’re not manifesting wealth and you’d like to have lots more money, ask yourself: “What beliefs do I have about wealthy people? What judgments do I have about people who win the lottery? What opinions do I have about people who have a lot more than I do?”

It would serve you very well to probe into your firmly held beliefs about wealth and wealthy people. Your beliefs are holding your wealth from you. Money is just another form of energy. It’s neither inherently good nor bad. Start to build a healthy relationship with money and financial well-being. Treat it with respect and appreciation. Appreciate the money you have and it will appreciate for you.