Internships That Pay For High School and College Students

When high school and college students need to gain experience over the summer, the best thing they can do is get an internship in their field. Unfortunately, many of them think this is impossible because they need to spend that time making money. With a little bit of effort, they should be able to find many options for college and high school internships that actually pay their participants for their work.

A student who is interested in the government should look into internships that pay with the US Department of State. This is a great way to get first-hand experience with a government agency and make connections that could be very valuable in the future. Not only do these internships pay, but they offer paid federal holidays, sick leave and prorated health insurance.

The best internships for high school students are the ones that offer experience in addition to assistance getting set up for college. This is exactly what students get when they take an internship with The Children's Hospital. This program is great for students interested in the medical field and spans over their junior and senior years of high school. In addition to pay, students receive assistance with finding a college program as well as applying for scholarships and financial aid.

The best internships for college students allow them to get vast experience with powerful companies while also enjoying what they do. There is no better place to do this than with an internship at Disney World or Disney Land. The Disney programs pay their participants to work in a huge variety of fields from performing arts to computer science internships. In addition to a paycheck in a great environment, students can earn up to nine college credits for participating in the program.

Some students spend months looking for their perfect paid internship and cannot find anything. In this case, they should be proactive and try to invent their own internship. The best way to do this is by calling a company they want to work with and asking if they might be interested in having an intern for the summer. As the expression goes, the squeaky wheel gets the grease and they may just be so impressed with the student's initiative that they will say yes.

College and high school internships can be tricky to find for a student who needs a paycheck, but they are out there. Students should look for something that directly relates to their field of study and that will have benefits in addition to the paycheck. With the right internship, they can gain valuable experience while making the money they need.

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