I Needed a Solicitor on My Side

When I fell down in a store because of water that had pooled at the end of one of the coolers, I knew that I was in for a long journey because of how badly I was hurt. I broke not only my leg and arm, but I also injured my back. I thought the hard part was just going to be recovering physically, but I ended up responding to a sign I saw that read ‘personal injury solicitors in Dublin call 015240606 now for consultation’ because of problems I was having with the store where I was injured.

They did agree that it was their fault, but they only wanted to cover my medical expenses. That was just not good enough for me because I missed a good bit of work already from it, and I was starting to doubt whether I would even able to go back to work in the same capacity. I am not one of those people who look at everything as an opportunity to get rich or take advantage of someone, but I am also not the type of person to allow another to walk all over me either.

I knew that I needed help, and I saw the advertisement for the solicitor just in time. I gladly called the number and was put in touch with a great solicitor who agreed to help me in my fight against the store. I think it went a long way that I am just looking to be fairly compensated rather than get rich from this. I just want to be able to pay my bills and keep my house, and having a solicitor on my side to help me is going to ensure that both of those things happen. I am feeling optimistic about my future once again.